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Bedroom Murals

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Bedroom Murals

A mural is a type of painting or work of art that can be painted or adhered onto any wall. They can be found anywhere from on the outside of buildings, within a home or even in an office. Wall murals come in lots of different designs, helping to create a statement within your home. If you are looking for a mural for your bedroom shop our collection here. Bedroom murals have seen a significant rise in popularity over the past 10 years. This is probably due to the fact they are a simple and affordable yet effective way to bring your home to life and have never been more accessible. 

How bedroom murals can transform your home 

Here are some ways in which bedroom murals can transform your home:

  • Can help to make a small space feel larger 
  • The right use of colours can make a room seem brighter
  • Helps to create a peaceful escape within your home
  • Adds an accent wall that brings fun to your bedroom, rather than using a plain paint colour
  • Can add a sense of adventure or nature to your bedroom, bringing the outdoors inside

Victory Colours bedroom murals 

It can be hard choosing the right bedroom mural, but it is so easy to create a stylish interior with a beautiful design. Here at Victory Colours we have suggested some bedroom murals from our site, that we think would make the perfect mural for your bedroom. 

Vase of Flowers 5466 De Heem

This is a famous 17th century painting by De Heem, this is one of his greatest pieces, that still looks just as gorgeous today. There are so many different colours and textures in this mural, you could never get tired of looking at this harmonious arrangement of flowers. Adding these types of floral bedroom murals adds elegance and sophistication to the interior of your bedroom. 

Classic Italian Landscape 5436

This kind of mural makes you want to escape to Tuscany, a beautiful scenery, bringing the outdoors inside. This mural will definitely bring a focal point to your bedroom, creating a bold feature wall. The muted tones of greens and browns are popular right now, this design can be used to completely transform your bedroom, cheating a visual and charming look. 

Flamingos at Sunset by Kvilis

This gorgeous watercolour mural of two flamingos in front of the setting sun, is the perfect pastel pink bedroom mural, to add a more feminine touch to your bedroom. This wall art illustrated by artist Kvilis lends a calming ambience into your home, creating a soothing and peaceful atmosphere. These kinds of warm pastel pink colours bring beauty into your surroundings. 

Don’t forget to purchase adhesive for your murals.  We always recommend a good ready mixed adhesive such as Easy Paste or Wallrock Power Adhesive for great bond strength and ease of use.

If you are making a feature wall with your mural, make sure to create the best finish to your space by painting the walls, ceilings and woodwork in our lovely Victory Colours eco paints, we have plenty of colours to choose from and can colour match exactly to a colour your mural in a variety of finishes, such as emulsions, and wood paints.

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