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Wallrock Lining Paper Collection

Victory Colours offer a full range of ERFURT MAVs high performing lining papers from the straightforward Paste the Wall, and Professional liners to Wallrock's range of Fibreliner and Fibreliner Smooth. We also supply the excellent Wallrock Thermal range for increased thermal insulation, and the exciting new Wallrock Fireliner paper which helps protect vulnerable surfaces from fire. 

Wallrock Fireliner Smooth

All the papers are strong, durable and easy to hang and are suitable for a whole variety of problematic walls. Cracked and damaged walls can be covered quickly and easily and  will help to reinforce your wall surface for painting or wallpapering.

Developed with the best modern materials and technology to enable old and tired walls to be smooth once more.

All papers are manufactured sustainably and have FSC & PEFC accreditation.

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PEFC FSC Accreditation