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Blue Wall Paint

Here at Victory Colours, we stock a wide variety of blue wall paint colours, with different shades for every painting occasion. Ranging from our lightest blue paint BlackBird’s Egg No.22, right up to our darkest blue shade Midnight Ink No.71. All our paints are eco-friendly, as we have created a technically advanced formula, which gives you outstanding results.

The durability of all our blue wall paints is designed to provide you with durability, as well as being resistant to any stains. All our blue wall paint colours have a high opacity, which means you can get the best coverage possible, saving you time and money. All our paints are virtually VOC free, as all our paints are mainly water-based, but still with premium quality. If you’re unsure which blue wall paint colour is right for you, we provide A5 eco sample panels. Our sample panels are designed to create less mess, as they can easily just be fixed to your chosen wall. The beauty of our eco panels is that they give you the opportunity to play around with different blue wall paint shades, you can easily order yours here today.