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Wallrock Thermal Liner Collection

Wallrock Thermal Liners are an excellent way to get your home feeling nice and cosy.  With the huge amount of heat they offer, these clever liners can save you money in the long run by reducing your heating bills.

Wallrock Thermal Liner Table

Wallrock Thermal Liner KV600 | Wallrock Thermal Liner KV600 is the most effective member of the Wallrock Thermally Efficient Wallpaper range. It is also double width at 100cm, longer length at 15m and super thick at 4mm. It is 600 grammes per square metre in weight. Its like sticking a duvet on your wall. 

Wallrock Thermal Liner | 75cm Width and 10m Length (7.5m2).  One of our bestsellers - Wallrock Thermal Liner which has a substantial 3mm thickness (or 450 grammes per square metre in weight) to help not only cover up poor plaster work and poor wall surfaces, it also reduces heat loss and improves thermal efficiency in the home.