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Anaglypta Armadillo

Anaglypta Armadillo wallcoverings are relatively new to the Anaglypta product range, introduced in 2019.  

These amazing wallpapers have used the best modern materials and technology to a range of sophisticated and contemporary design, not only that but they are all PVC free which makes them considerably more eco than some other vinyl wallpapers.

Manufactured with a single heavy layer of high quality textile reinforced paper, which is permanently embossed at extremely high temperatures and pressures.

Anaglypta Armadillo Notting Hill RD7023

The main benefits of the Anaglypta Armadillo range is that, not only are the designs gorgeous, but they are also extremely robust, hardwearing and scuff resistant, making them perfect for a busy home or office.

Armadillo is also very easy to apply, as you can use Paste-the-Wall/ceiling application, and it doesn't shrink or contract when pasted, saving time and money...