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Colour Matching Service

Looking for the perfect colour?

Here at Victory Colours HQ we know the importance of colour and how important it is to get the right paints for your home.  Although we offer a beautiful palette of paint colours for your home we won't be offended if you would like something different.  

Choosing paint colours from a colour chartThe Colour spectrum is practically limitless as are the combinations of colours, therefore, if you can give us a paint colour reference or a sample which you need matching we will do our very best to match it for you, for instance:  maybe physical paint sample, or a piece of fabric, tile or wallpaper. We have matched all sorts of items, including a dressing gown, sweet wrappers, and even a rock! We only need a small area to work from, as long as the colour is true and clean. 
Obviously this will take a little longer, but from receipt of the sample, we will endeavour to freshly mix your beautifully matched paint within 3-5 working days, at no extra cost, than our regular colours.

Victory Colours premium-quality paint is eco conscious, solvent-free & virtually VOC-free too, with great coverage, opacity, and extremely low odour.

Learn more about our Eco Friendly Paint or Vegan Paint.

Please contact our friendly & knowledgeable Sales Team on 01258 841 310 or click here for further information. Thank you.