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Wallrock Magnetwall Collection

Wallrock Magnetwall is a new exciting addition to the Wallrock family, in simple terms Wallrock Magnetwall has a metallised finish that allows any wall surface to be used with any magnets.

Magnetwall PlayFantastic in a Play, Home or Learning Environment  |  The advantages and possible applications are numerous, not to mention no more pin holes or sticky tape residue to worry about, clean simple magnets make the office space, play rooms, educational spaces or the kitchen easier places in which to work or play.


Wallrock Magnetwall

Transform Your Office Space | Make a clutter-free, tidy workspace, ideal for planning, scheduling and brain-storming.

Easy Application | Each roll is a generous and manageable 62cm width by 10m length providing a coverage of 6.2m², that means that just one roll can transform a space.  Minimal decorating experience is required to hang Wallrock Magnetwall competently though we would always recommend reading the label in full and using the recommended adhesive

Neodymium Magnets
Neodymium Magnets | If you want maximum magnet power use Neodymium Magnets for the best magnet receptivity, these are exceptionally strong magnets that will hold fabric, several sheets of paper and many other materials in place.


Wallrock Magnetwall

Finish | If the dark grey finish is not to your taste, simply paint over with a good quality paint, or overhang with the tried and trusted Wallrock Fibreliner 150 or Wallrock Fibreliner Smooth.