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Why Use Victory Colours Eco Conscious Paint?

    There are many reasons for using Victory Colours paints, the first being that it is a high quality designer paint at an affordable price.  This beautiful Eco conscious paint has all the qualities of a designer paint but without the nasties like solvents, and VOCs.  
    Unlike some other paints Victory Colours paint has been formulated to use only the highest quality ingredients and is not reliant on just water and fillers to fill our paint tins.  Our Eco Conscious paint is a highly intelligent emulsion which addresses all your decoration needs:  It has great opacity and a little goes a long way; it is highly durable & washable which is great in high traffic areas and makes cleaning up grubby, sticky little fingers marks much easier; it is low odour so you can paint your room without fear of breathing in toxic fumes, it also means you can sleep in the room straight after painting which makes life easier when decorating kids bedrooms; Our Eco Conscious paint has virtually no VOC's and is solvent-free so you can paint without worrying about harming yourself or the environment; because we sell direct to you the customer we do not incur extra overheads such as wholesalers costs, store costs, middle men etc and therefore can deliver a highly desirable paint to your door at a much reduced cost.  
    Better for you, for your home, and for the environment!
    • Finish - Our emulsion has a smooth, flat matt finish that is perfect for any interior wall or ceiling throughout the home.
    • Durability - Victory Colours have used the best resins to provide maximum durability for its paint. The emulsion can stand lots of wear and tear in heavy traffic areas. It is washable, durable, hard-wearing, low-marring and long lasting.
    • Coverage - This emulsion goes further that most other paints due to its superior opacity which means only one coat is usually needed, although we do recommend two coats. The paint goes on smoothly and covers well which makes it economical to use as you need less of it (please ensure that your walls have been properly prepared and the plaster correctly sized).
    • Efficient Usage - The paint is easy to roll and brush, and has low-drip and low-spatter characteristics which makes much less mess.
    • Virtually VOC-Free Formula - Reducing our environmental impact is a key value to us at Victory Colours. Our virtually solvent-free formula has been tirelessly developed until we have achieved the optimum solution for a perfect paint which has minimum impact on the environment unlike many other paints currently on the market.
    • Safe to Use - Our eco conscious, solvent-free paint is low odour, child-friendly, decorator-friendly and pet-friendly which means you can decorate and not have to wait to use a room.
    • Colour - Our paint has high performance levels in all areas in a range of 40 beautiful colours. The Colour Collection which was chosen by our design team, references colours which are either timelessly fashionable, neutrals, period hues, retro brights, or modern fashionable accent colours - guaranteed to brighten up any room. You cannot fail to impress with whatever shade you choose.
    • Brush Cleaning - As the paint is water-based paint brushes are easy to clean after usage and are water washable.
    • Colour Matching - Victory Colours has the ability to colour match to any colour you may require. If you can provide us with a sample of fabric, paint or paper, our Colour Director will endeavour to match your colour as closely as possible within 3 business days from receiving a useable sample.

    Our product has been thoroughly tested by professionals and DIYers alike, who all come to the same conclusion as us - Victory Colours paint is simple to use and provides a beautiful, durable finish.