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Low Odour Paint Collection

Victory Colours Down to Earth paint is like a breath of fresh air. The lack of solvents, toxins, and minimal VOCs, means that our low odour paint lacks that heady and unpleasant fresh paint smell that can linger for weeks, which means      that interior air quality is not compromised and there are minimal contribution to the atmosphere - the smell of freshly painted rooms is not good for health, nor for the environment, especially for vulnerable people, children, people with sensitivities, and decorators.

low odour paintOur practically odourless paint is as safe as possible for humans, animals, whilst still having great opacity and durability in a range of beautiful up-to-date palette of colours.  The exceptionally low odour also means you can paint a room and sleep in it that very same night.

Free No Mess Sample Panels | Hand-painted Sample Panels are available from our Colour Collection to order online.  Please see the Sample Panels Menu located with the paint colours and choose the sample panels you require andwe will endeavour to get them sent out to you within 24 hours.

Colour Matching Service | If we do not have the colours you are looking for we can match our paint to any sample or colour reference. Click here for Colour Matching Service.