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Brown Wall Paint

Get your brown wall paint here with Victory Colours. We provide deeply pigmented brown wall paints, with a range of different tones. There are so many different benefits that come with using Victory Colours brown wall paint. We provide high-quality paints, that have been technically advanced with different raw materials. Not to mention that we are committed to providing cruelty-free and vegan paints, which means you can be as eco-friendly and toxic-free as possible. We have created an eco-friendly paint that still has superb coverage which you can find in a number of different luxury finishes.

The coverage of our paints is Approx. 14m2 per litre or 35m2 per 2.5 litre tin, although this always depends on the type of roller used and the porosity of the wall. We recommend purchasing the award-winning Eco Union decorating products, which we stock here at Victory Colours. These decorating tools are built to suit all decorating needs, we believe they have some of the best rollers on the market to provide you with the best painting experience. They’d work excellently with your highly durable brown wall paint collection, giving you low staining and excellent washability. Shop our brown wall paint collection here.