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Ask us a question and we will do our very best to answer it. If our lovely Sales Team don't know the answer, we will ask the Geeks locked up in the Lab with their white coats and clip boards. We like to be transparent in all that we do, and have no secrets apart from our fabulous formulae of course!

What are VOCs?
VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds are materials which evaporate readily from commonly occurring sources such as vehicle exhausts, cleaning agents, furniture polish, tobacco smoke and fabric softeners. VOC's are harmful to everyone, not just children - and they can be extremely damaging to the environment. These also include solvents used in paints, as well as thinners and brush cleaners.  In the presence of heat and sunlight, these VOCs can react with nitrogen oxides to create ground level ozone and photochemical smogs. These in turn can contribute to pollution of the atmosphere. 

Here at Victory Colours we have developed a virtually VOC-free paint which is kind to the atmosphere, to decorators and to the people using our beautiful paints. If you wish to investigate VOCs further please at link for VOCs on the British Coatings Foundations Website 

Are your paints cruelty- free?

We’re a vegan paint company, and as an  independent, family business we know for sure that we have never tested on animals in the past, and we will never support animal testing in the future. We always source the highest quality materials with the environment and our ethical values in mind. 

Is your paint vegan?

Absolutely! None of our paints have any  animal derived products in them, check out our vegan paint range. 

What is paint traditionally made up of?

Paints are typically made up of 4 types of components:

Pigments  -  Binders  - Solvents - Additives

Solvent-borne products such as paint, typically contain high levels of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and were traditionally for use on wood and metal surfaces.  These products had longer drying times and usually a strong odour.  Water-based products, such as emulsions, have typically lower VOC levels and due to more stringent legislation in recent times, with many more companies offering water-based paint instead of solvent-based paint. The benefits of  water-based paints include:  lower odour, quicker drying times, and easier cleaning - where brushes and rollers can be rinsed with water and washed in soapy water rather than white spirits or similar.  This has ensured that the decorating process is more eco-friendly.  The use of white spirits or similar to clean paint brushes release VOCs and are also difficult to dispose of due to their hazardous nature.

Is Victory Colours paint safe for children’s rooms and toys?

All our eco friendly paint meet the Child Safe regulations under BS EN 71-3: 2013.

What sort of finishes do Victory Colours paint offer?

We have a variety of paint finishes: our regular Emulsion has a flat matt finish and is completely washable; our Kitchen/Bathroom Emulsion has a soft sheen; all our Wood/Metal paints come with an Eggshell finish; our Masonry paints can be either smooth or rough. Victory Colours paint is very durable and can be used in high traffic areas that are prone to marking.

What can I paint?

Walls, ceilings & radiators - we have an average  sheen of 3% for these paints

Bathroom & kitchen - we have an average sheen of 20% for these paints

Internal and external wood  - we have an average  sheen of 20% for these paints

Masonry paints - you can choose a smooth or rough finish.

Do you sell paint for use on wood? 

We do indeed! For painting wood, including skirting boards and doors, we would recommend the quick-drying, hard-wearing Eggshell. We always recommend you use our Primer/Undercoat first, this is an adhesion primer that will also block stains, rust (in metal) and knot oil and resins (in wood) from leaching through to the topcoat.  As our paints are water based they should not be used over oil based paints without our Primer/Undercoat first, as you know oil and water don’t mix.


Can I paint melamine or plastic surfaces? 

Yes you can. We recommend you sand and then prime the surface thoroughly beforehand. If in doubt do a tester patch on a small area first.  Or Call our Technical Team and we can do some trials from the Lab.

What paint is best for painting a bathroom or a kitchen? 

Our Kitchen/Bathroom paints are water resistant, durable and wipeable. The paint will resist staining and general wear and tear, with a tough yet subtle finish. It is a superb paint for bathroom walls, especially for rooms which may have limited extraction or suffer from condensation. There is a soft sheen of 20% with this finish.


What type of paint can be used on radiators?

Our Wood/Metal paints have an eggshell finish. We recommend you use a primer if you are applying directly to bare metal, or painting over a radically different colour beneath, to maximise adhesion. This robust water-based primer can be tinted if required, touch dry in two hours, recoatable in 4 hours.


What is the difference between emulsion and eggshell?

Our popular emulsion matt paint has a flat matt finish (3%) that’s easy to clean and long-lasting. It’s good for any interior walls or ceilings. 

Kitchen/Bathroom paint has a beautiful soft sheen (20%), it’s great for reflecting light and it is better for more humid rooms and ones more prone to condensation.  It’s easy to wipe clean and is water resistant.

Eggshell is the one for woodwork and metalwork such as radiators, doors and skirting boards. This paint looks great and stands up to years of knocks and scuffs. This paint is very popular for upcycling furniture and will bring new life to most furniture. We always recommend that you use our water-based Primer/Undercoat first thought for the best finish.  We will not guarantee our paints if you use an alternative product.

Is VC paint suitable for  lime plaster walls?

We’re afraid it isn’t.


Tins | Our paint cans are made from part-recycled stainless steel, which can be  recycled again. You can recycle empty tins at your local Household Waste Centre. Or you can use them in your garden or home as nifty storage!

Paint | We recommend you buy what you need. If you have unopened tins leftover, please get in touch and we will discuss a return if you like. Here are a couple of ideas on what you can do with opened unused paint. 

  1. Ask your local network if they would like it. Facebook village groups are great for this.

  2. Upcycle some furniture

  3. Check to see if your local school or housing project is in need. They usually are. 

  4. Community Repaint is an amazing initiative. See if they are in your area. 

  5. Finally, if you have to, please take it to your local household recycling centre. 

Where is VC paint made?

We are a British company. Our paint is made in the UK which means we have a smaller carbon footprint, better control over our deliveries and importantly we are creating jobs for the UK workforce. 

Choosing the paint

Do you offer a colour matching service for the paint?

Victory Colours will colour-match any colour, we just need a colour reference, or a physical sample to work from.  Our Colour Matching Team are excellent, however, different finishes may appear to be slightly different to the original as they can reflect light differently.

Will the colours shown online be an exact match of the physical product?

Victory Colours strongly advise that samples are ordered prior to buying your colour product. Although Victory Colours endeavours to ensure that we provide the best representation of the colours on our site there may be slight variations due to the variations in digital monitors.

Tell me more about the Eco Sample Panels?

Our paint samples are hand-painted in the original emulsion and cut to A5.  The samples arrive pre-painted from the manufacturer.

Painted samples? Why not plastic pots I can paint on the wall? 

Tester pots are terrible for the environment, they are messy, wasteful and, have I mentioned, usually made of plastic. Our Eco Sample Panels are movable, and 100% accurate. They’re painted with two coats of emulsion paint. Move them around the room, view in different lights, and get the best impression of your new colour scheme. Cheaper, simpler, and far less wasteful.

They are also portable and can be taken in your handbag to match to furniture, and soft furnishings.

What paste should I use on my wallpaper?

Different wall-coverings require different paste; we will always recommend the manufacturer’s own ready mixed adhesive which is listed alongside the wall-covering range.

Will Victory Colours paints  go off?

If stored correctly, and unopened your Eco paint should keep for about six months. A few things like temperature, air exposure, and how much paint is in the tin could affect that though. Make sure you store the tin in a cool, dry place (as our paints are water-based they are susceptible to freezing in cold garages).  We add very little biocides to our paints, and as they are solvent-free they should be used sooner rather than later.  If left the paint may separate in the tin, simply shake for a few minutes (with the lid on!)  and if necessary give it a good stir.


Which colour is for me?

We have all our colours on our various social media platforms. Take a look, when they catch your eye and you want to see how a colour or colours go with the new sofa, or if the cat approves you can order a hand painted (by the boss) sample. These beauties are A5 and will give you a fabulous idea of how they will look in different lights and positions in the room. You can use these panels over and over again as they don’t have to be actually painted or stuck to the wall. If you want the whole house painted in one colour you just move the sample from room to room, or buy a sample for each room...

Please see the Sample Panels Menu located with the paint colours and choose the sample panels you require and we will endeavour to get them sent out to you within 24 hours, or call the Sales Team on 01258 841 310 to discuss your individual requirements. We charge a small fee for the samples; postage, paper, paint and of course the Boss’s delicate strokes. 

If you’d like your very own personal colour matched perfectly to the cat's collar we can colour match just for her.

I’ve decided, what’s next?

Once you have decided on the paint colour, and the surface you are covering you can simply order online, we will take care of the rest or you can drop us a note and we can discuss your order.

Where does Victory Colours deliver?

To qualify for free next day delivery simply spend £75 or more on any products, this covers all standard UK areas.  Orders need to be placed before 12 noon to qualify for anytime next day delivery (working days only). The standard delivery charge is £7.50 on orders under £75.

Please note that in the current climate deliveries may take a little longer.  Please call the office on 01258 841310 if in doubt.

Standard UK areas exclude Highlands of Scotland, Offshore Islands of Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Eire. We can still deliver to non-standard areas but it may take a little longer and be more expensive.

If you have any queries please contact the sales office on 01258 841310

Specified Delivery Costs

If you require a specified delivery time the prices are as follows:

  • before 1200hrs - £13.95

  • before 1000hrs - £19.95

Saturday Delivery - UK Mainland Only

Saturday delivery will incur an extra cost.  Please place any order you require to be delivered on Saturday before 12:00 on Friday.

  • Delivery costs on orders below £100 - £24.50

  • Delivery costs on orders over £100 - £15.50

Do you ship to EU addresses?

We really don’t want to disappoint anyone, if you are in the EU, please check with us before you checkout and we can update you on how easy it is to deliver to you. 




When will my order ship and when will it arrive?

If you order before 12 noon, then we aim to get your order to you the next working day, and for orders after 1pm this may arrive the day after. During busy times slip 48hrs. Get in touch if urgent

Orders placed on the weekend can take slightly longer to arrive. 

How can I change my shipping address? 

We don’t hang about when you order so if you do need to make a change, please get in touch before 2pm on the day of shipping and we will do our best to amend the delivery for you.

Do you deliver to P.O. Boxes?

Afraid not. 

Do you allow shipping to an address other than my own?

Yes, Victory Colours is happy to deliver to an alternative address.  If there is no one present to receive the products a work address is often preferred to receive delivery. 

Can I track my order?

Yes you can. Once your order has been dispatched you will receive an automated email from us, informing you of your order tracking number and key details. You can update your delivery preferences via the link provided in that email, as well as track the progress of that order.  We use APC for the majority our deliveries.


I want to speak to someone about my order, how can I get in touch?

Please call us on 01258 841310 or email us and a friendly member of our customer service team will be in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss your order.

How much do I need to order? 

Use this guide to help you decide what you need 

Approx. 14m2 per litre or 35m2 per 2.5 litre tin (depending on roller type used and the porosity of the wall).

Do I need a primer with my paint?

Usually not. If you’re painting brand new plaster you should use a mist coat first.  This is regular emulsion diluted by 25%.

Do NOT ever use cheap contract matt paint, this is the devil’s work, it is made up of filler, chalk and water and is extremely absorbent and may cause our lovely water-based eco paints to crack.

Do I need to prime wood first?

We always recommend that you use our Primer/Undercoat for wood trim such as doors, and skirting boards before painting the top coat.  Our Primer is a water-based adhesion primer that creates the perfect base for the top coat of Eggshell to adhere to on woods and metals.

Also, if your existing trim paint happens to be oil based (you can usually tell if it is oil based as it will most likely have yellowed over time) then you will definitely need to use our Primer first.  As you know oil and water don’t mix and if you do not prepare properly then the top coat may fail in time and peel off!

How much wallpaper do I need?

Wallpaper Roll Chart Estimator

  1. Determine the square footage you wish to cover. 

  2. Multiply the total height in feet and the total width in feet of your room. 

  3. For each standard door subtract 17 from the square footage. 

  4. Find the pattern repeat. 

  5. Your total will tell you the amount of single rolls you will need.


How many coats of paint will I need?

Victory Colours paint has very good opacity and coverage which means you might get away with one coat, however, we always recommend a minimum of two coats in order to get the best finish possible.  Our paints are formulated on a high opacity base and contain the best ingredients and pigments compared to many ordinary decorative paints.  It is very much dependent on the quality of the wall you are painting, the existing colour of the wall, and the skill of the decorator. 

How will I know my order has been received? 

When you place your order on the Victory Colours website, you will receive an email confirming that your order has been received. When our Team processes your order you will receive a second email informing you of the delivery and availability status. Your account can be accessed at any time to check the progress of your order.

What if the Products that I order are out of stock? 

Our Team will notify you as soon as possible if there is any problem with the stock. The manufacturers are open during business hours to check stock levels. You can then decide if you wish to receive a full refund or wait until the new stock arrives.


What forms of payment does Victory Colours accept?

Payment may be made by any of the following methods; Visa Credit Cards, MasterCard, all Debit Cards, American Express, Shop Pay, Amazon Pay and PayPal. 

Is your payment gateway secure? 

Your details are not captured, or made available to anyone, and your credit card details are encrypted by our payment adviser so that no one can obtain any details. Victory Colours cannot get access to your credit or debit card details at any time.

Is Value Added Tax on your products?

All prices shown on our website have the UK standard of VAT already applied. Orders for delivery outside the EU are free of UK VAT.

Do you accept cash on delivery?

No, all products must be paid for prior to delivery.

When will my credit or debit card be charged?

Your credit or debit card will be charged the moment that we have accepted your order and processed your payment. You will receive an order confirmation email (Payment Confirmation) once this step is complete.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Yes of course, if you can do this prior to 2pm of the day of shipping we should be able to alter the order before it is sent.

Decorating Accessories

What do I need?

Check out our decorating tools. We provide everything you need to colour your home. We recommend that you use a good quality brush or roller to make the most of our lovely eco paint, otherwise it’s wasted. We are proud to collaborate with Eco Union and Two Fussy Blokes to offer what we think are the best decorating tools on the market.

What do I use to rinse out/clean my paint brushes and rollers?

Victory Colours paints are all water based paints, use soap and water to clean out the brushes and rollers.


My order has arrived and is damaged, what do I do?

We’re really sorry that your order has arrived damaged. Please give us a call and we can discuss fixing the problem. We’re on 01258 841310 or email us and a friendly member of our customer service team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.


I want to return something, what do I need to do?

Please see our Shipping & Returns Policy for an explanation of next steps. 


Can I return non faulty products?

Please see our Shipping & Returns Policy for an explanation of next steps, or get in touch and we will sort it out.