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About Us

We are a small family business who have been in manufacturing and  decorating industry for many years. Although we have always been environmentally aware, when we started to have our families we became more mindful of the environmental damage we are all doing to our planet and to its population. Suddenly when we bought these small people into the world we began to notice more and more all the nasties in that existed in everything, from foods, packaging, carpets, vehicles, the list goes on. While all we can do about the other stuff to protect our children is to avoid them or try to reduce the environmental impact, we realised that could actually do something to reduce the issues about the products within our own industry.

We already made paint but wanted to produce a high quality, technically superior product which contained the best ingredients that we could source, whilst stringently avoiding solvents and as many VOCs as physically possible for the home market (there will always be trace elements of VOC sneaking their way in somehow but we are trying to eliminate every single one of them). I’ll explain more about VOCs later on. We wanted to create an affordable, water-based paint that was as safe as possible for humans, animals, and the environment, with low odour and great opacity, while also having a beautiful up-to-date palette of colours that were as on-trend as possible - which we did.
Victory Colours Eco Friendly Paint has a technically advanced formulation which gives outstanding resistance to stains, which if you have mucky kids like ours, you need as much stain resistance as possible! The same goes for the washability of our paint, it has great wipe-ability properties which is perfect for young families or household with pets. Our paint also holds it’s colour and have excellent lightfastness, i.e. it does not fade in direct sunlight. Our paint opacity is high which gives greater coverage, meaning that theoretically you need to use less of it which offers a financial (and time!) saving.
Our business model has endeavoured to be environmentally-friendly all along the whole chain, for instance: we make our paint to order, meaning it is always fresh; we don’t hold stock as holding inventory in various warehouses up and down the country means there is an associated financial and environmental cost of getting our paint to the warehouse and then onwards onto the customer; and we use packaging that is either recycled or made from fast growing sustainable sources such as bamboo. The net result is lower energy expenditure and reduced transport emissions, lower packaging impact, less waste, and less products sitting in warehouses waiting to be delivered (or not).
We also take a very unique approach to helping you choose the best colour scheme for your home. Rather than purchasing expensive sample pots which leave your decor covered in a multitude of colours, making your room resemble a patchwork quilt, which then needs to be painted over (sometimes more than once) we like to do things a little differently. At Victory Colours we provide pre-painted sample panels in your chosen colour/s. These can be easily fixed on the wall without ruining your current decor. We recommend that you place the sample panels on different walls within the room over a period of time, as the pigments of colour within the the paint reflect light differently depending on time of day, natural light or artificial light. The sample panels give you an opportunity to experiment with how different shades and colours will look together. Not to mention a portable and easy way to match to fabrics and soft furnishings.
So then what are VOCs? Its the term that everyone is bandying around but nobody, apart from the boffins, seems to know what it means. In simple terms VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds which are materials which evaporate readily from many common sources such as exhaust fumes, cleaning products, and in our industry paints, stains, thinners and brush cleaners. When in sunlight or direct heat, such as radiators, VOCs can ‘react with nitrogen oxides to create ground level ozone and photochemical smogs’ ( This process can contribute to atmospheric pollution so as you can imagine products containing VOCs are not the ideal to be breathing in on a daily basis. Although the impact is small, every little helps in terms of our health and environmental burden.
Obviously the paint industry has been subject to huge upheavals and change over the recent past. Changes in environmental regulations have brought several product developments in the industry, where manufacturers have been required to reduce VOCs and solvents in paints and update long existing formulations. As we are a small company we are able to be dynamic and can can quickly embrace new technologies, and improve our product quickly and effectively. We are not afraid to change and innovate. Nor are we a massive behemoth of an organisation that has a large, established infrastructure where it is difficult change track when required.
Why don’t you try Victory Colours Paint out out? Or contact our friendly Sales Team for a free sample panel of one (or more) of our paint colours. We are currently updating our colour charts but they will be available soon. Call us on 01258 841 310 or email on