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VOC Free Paint

Our paint is safe as possible for humans, animals, with low odour and minimal contributions to the atmosphere, whilst still having great opacity and durability in a range of beautiful up-to-date palette of colours.

So then what are VOCs? Its the term that everyone is talking about but nobody really seems to know what it means. In simple terms VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds which are materials which evaporate readily from many common sources such as exhaust fumes, cleaning products, and within the Coatings Industry paints, stains, thinners and brush cleaners. When in sunlight or direct heat, such as radiators, VOCs can ‘react with nitrogen oxides to create ground level ozone and photochemical smogs’ ( 

VOC Free PaintThis process can contribute to atmospheric pollution, so as you can imagine products containing VOCs are not the ideal to be breathing in on a daily basis.  No paint product can be classed as truly VOC free, however, here at Victory Colours we have strived to strip out as many VOCs and toxins as possible in every aspects of our ingredients and production process to produce a virtually VOC free paint.