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Wallrock Easy Paste

Easy Paste | Ready Mixed Wallpaper Adhesive

Victory Colours

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Easy Paste | Ready Mixed Wallpaper Adhesive


Ingredients Water based mixed with starch and PVA

2.5kg up to 12.5m² of paper

5kg up to 25m² of paper

10kg up to 50m² of paper

Application Paste the paper | Paste the wall
Ready to use Pre-mixed
Odour Low odour | Low VOC
Sizes 2.5kg | 4.5kg | 10kg


Product Description

Easy Paste is exactly that!  A pre-mixed wallpaper paste which is really is easy to use. Easy Paste requires no mixing or diluting and is ready to use straight from the tub, by brush or roller, which means you can hang your wallpaper or lining paper in 30% less time. This smooth formula has excellent wet tack properties, and slides easily for perfect hanging and pattern matching, whether you choose to paste-the-wall* or paste-the-paper techniques, every time. It also contains a safe fungicide. 

* Paste-the-wall wallpapers are specifically designed and should be identified upon commencement.

A technically advanced ready-to-use wallpaper adhesive, it will adhere to all surfaces when the necessary preparations have been made.  

Features & Benefits
  • Roll on straight from the tub - no tray required
  • Improved formula for easy spreading
  • For perfect pasting
  • Formulated for easy sliding
  • From the tub to the paper or straight to the wall
  • Vegan

Easy Paste Adhesive is suitable for hanging all types of wallpapers

  • 800-2000 grade lining papers
  • Heavy embossed papers
  • Washable papers
  • Non-woven papers
  • Expandable vinyl paper
  • Blown vinyl papers

NB: Easy paste is NOT suitable for hanging borders or overlapping seams on vinyl wallpapers.


All of our wallpaper pastes are vegan, they contain zero animal products, nor have they been tested on animals | Victory Colours is an animal cruelty-free zone.


The usual rule of thumb is that 1kg of adhesive will cover one roll of standard wallpapers depending on the condition of the wall surface and the type of paper, for instance heavily embossed papers will need more adhesive.

    • Surfaces should be clean, dry, sound and free from loose paint, plaster, dust and mould.
    • Drywall and other absorbent surfaces must be sized and completely left to dry.
    • Sizing should be completed at least 4 hours before.

    Pasting & Hanging - Paste-the-Wall

    1. Refer to wallpaper manufacturers label for specific instructions. Ensure wallpaper is suitable for Paste-the-wall application.
    2. For best result use a roller to apply Easy Paste Adhesive generously and evenly to the wall. Ensure coverage of the wall from floor to ceiling is complete.
    3. Paste up to two widths of wallpaper at once to reduce decoration time.
    4. Apply paper to pasted wall.
    5. Simply position wallpaper sheet by sliding and smooth into final place under pressure using a squeegee, wallpaper brush or damp sponge.
    6. Complete hanging and trimming as normal.

    Pasting & Hanging - Paste-The-Paper

    1. Refer to wallpaper manufacturers label for specific instructions - eg. soak time etc.
    2. Protect surrounding areas (floor coverings and furniture etc) from splashes and drips.
    3. Paste wallpaper generously, ensuring that edges are fully covered with the paste, allow heavyweight papers to soak until supple. 
    4. Ensure edges are stuck to the wall.
    5. Remove any paste from the face of the wallpaper and surrounding area immediately with a damp cloth or sponge.
    6. Clean tools and equipment in warm soapy water.

    Paste on the side of the tub should be wiped into the bulk to avoid drying out.
    Close the lid tightly.
    Avoid extreme temperatures.
    Protect from frost (Do not store below 5°C).

    In case of contact with eyes, rinse copiously with clean water. If irritation persists, seek medical help immediately. Replace lid after use and wash brushes etc with warm soapy water and rinse.

    • Do not thin or add water to the adhesive.
    • Not suitable for hanging borders or overlapping seams on vinyl wallpapers.
    • For best results use vinyl to vinyl adhesive for hanging borders, overlapping seams, and for repairs.
    • Contains fungicide and biocide to inhibit mould, yeast and bacteria. Keep away from children and animals. Wash hands thoroughly after use.
    • Do not empty into drains or watercourses. Waste should be disposed of using authorised disposal routes and sites.


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