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Thermal Liners

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With increasingly worrying climate change issues, the cost of living crisis, and household bills escalating, we are all trying to find ways to help improve the thermal efficiency in our homes and offices. Up to 35% of heat is lost through the walls, especially in older properties.  In order to become more thermally efficient you will need to invest in insulating your property, this can be very expensive, and cause a lot of disruption, for instance the use of cavity wall insulation, if you have a more modern house.  If however, you live in an older property, insulating it can be trickier, by adding either internal or external wall insulation.  Internal wall insulation will invariably steal room space, and external wall insulation may not always be possible or financially accessible. Thermal Liner is a great, simple, less disruptive, and cost effective way to way to improve your thermal efficiency.

What are thermal liners?

They are heavy duty lining papers that have been woven with durable textile fibres to add a layer of insulation to a room.  The Wallrock Thermal range come in 450gsm (approximately 3mm thick) and 600gsm (approximately 4mm thick) rolls. Simply stick to the wall with the recommended Wallrock Adhesive (the extra bond strength is required as they are weighty liners) as you would any other lining paper.

They are used to improve thermal insulation and efficiency in a home, and in turn help reduce energy bills.  Thermal wallpapers come with additional benefits of helping to reduce condensation; fighting issues such as damp and mould; and covering up any wall imperfections and cracks.

You can then paint over them, or if you prefer a flawless finish, cross line first with Wallrock Fibreliner Smooth lining paper, and then apply paint.

Different Kinds of Thermal Liner

Here at Victory Colours we have a range of Wallrock Thermal Liners to choose from, ready to make your home more comfortable and well insulated. 

Wallrock Thermal Liner

Wallrock Thermal Liner is the most popular member of the Wallrock Thermally Efficient Wallpaper range.  The versatile Wallrock Thermal Liner at 75cm Width, 10m Length, 450gsm (which is approximately 3mm thick) (7.5m2) not only covers up poor plaster work and poor wall surfaces, it also has reduces heat loss and improves thermal efficiency in the home.  It has been approved by the Energy Saving Trust because of it thermal efficiency and energy saving properties. Being 3mm in thickness it offers worthwhile energy savings, for example 15% on typical solid brick external walls. 

Furthermore, Thermal Liner has excellent capability to cover and reinforce poor plaster and other surfaces such as plasterboard, block-work and wood panelling. It also helps reduce condensation problems and in many cases eliminates them.

Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner

The Wallrock KV600 thermal insulating wallpaper is the perfect liner if you find that your room is extremely cold all year round, as this liner is more advanced than other liners. It offers better thermal protection than the standard version, as it is approximately 4 mm thick, which offers more coverage. This liner helps to beat condensation and mould problems, as it is very fast at raising and equalising the room temperature.

Advantages of Using Thermal Wallpaper

  • Thermal wallpaper is cheaper than using internal and external solid wall insulation.
  • Very energy and cost efficient, as it increases room warm up time and keeps it warmer for longer.
  • This means you won’t need to turn the heating on as frequently, or as high.
  • Wallrock thermal liner helps to cover any cracks and dents giving your walls a much smoother appearance.
  • They help in reducing condensation and mould.
  • Easy to apply, and space saving.


Overall thermal wallpaper is a cost-effective way of keeping your home warm and with energy prices on the rise, these are the perfect way to save yourself some money. 

Thermal wallpapers are a worthwhile investment, they’re a much smarter and environmentally friendly way to keep your home well insulated for many years to come. 

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