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Removing Anaglypta Wallpaper Guide

Posted by Victoria Yardley on

Anaglypta wallpaper is one of the oldest and best known wallpapers that has been around since 1887. Anaglypta is a thick, paintable wallpaper that comes in many different designs. The textured surface of the wallpaper gives the walls depth, and dimension so there's more for the eye to see. If you have an old property or home, Anaglypta can be useful to cover up any cracks, due to its thickness. It is also great for high traffic areas of the home because of its durability features.

Anaglypta wallpaper isn’t hard to remove, however the more layers of paint that are on top of the wallpaper, the more difficult it may become to remove. If you live in an older house then you have to consider that sometimes removing anaglypta wallpaper can reveal other problems.

Removing Anaglypta wallpaper

Step 1

Score the surface with a knife or wallpaper scoring tool, cutting a criss-cross pattern over each section. Whilst doing this first step be careful not to cut too deep into the wall underneath. If there are a number of layers of paint, sometimes removing the paint first with a paint stripper can make it easier. Generally, scoring should work for one to two layers of paint.

Step 2

Spray your walls with either a solution, warm water and fabric softener or even dish soap. Allow the wall to be completely wet, and fully covered. You also have the option of adding an adhesive dissolving chemical.

Step 3
Once you have completed step 2, using a scraper you can then start on removing Anaglypta
wallpaper. Scraping from the top of the wall working your way down, do this on all sections of the wall, until all the paper has been removed. Using a smaller scraper can help to remove any stubborn sections.

Step 4

To help soften any remaining wallpaper paste, spray down the wall again. Since Anaglypta wallpaper requires a stronger adhesive to apply it to your walls, it will need some extra care to remove. To remove the adhesive use a scraper and a stiff bristled brush to get rid of any tougher spots, once removed wipe the wall with a clean cloth. Make sure to remove all adhesive from the walls if you are planning on painting directly onto the wall, any remaining adhesive can affect the new paint over time and cause it to chip off in the future.

Overview of removing Anaglypta wallpaper

Removing Anaglypta wallpaper is more of a delicate process than removing standard wallpapers, but it is relatively easy when you know how. If you are looking to update your Anaglypta wallpaper, whether that is by giving it a fresh coat of paint or replacing the paper with a new one. We stock a wide range of paint colours and paper.

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