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Painting Tips and Tricks

Posted by Victoria Yardley on

You don’t have to be a professional painter to transform a room, anyone can do it. It’s all about following the rules, and having the right kind of tools to help you along the way. Here are some of our top painting tips and tricks to help you achieve a flawless finish every time.

The most useful painting tips and tricks

1. Use the right type of paint 

Our first painting tip is to make sure that you are using the right kind of paint for the job, if you decide to paint anything outdoors make sure that you are using an extra durable, water-resistant, colour fade resistant paint, which we offer here at Victory Colours, in any of our lovely shades. It is best to spend the extra money on your paint, this will give you a quick finish time and better coverage, with the added bonus of it lasting longer. Using cheap paint is a false economy as it tends to be less durable and will need re-painting more often.

Inside the home, use our eco paint which is safer for you and the environment. What’s more, this paint has an outstanding formula that is durable, high coverage and is resistant to stains making it an ideal choice for high traffic areas of the home.

2. Sanding 

To ensure your paint is applying smoothly, you must make sure your surface is smooth enough for application. Sanding helps to smooth out any imperfections that might affect your desired outcome, when sanding make sure to overlap your strokes to ensure you aren’t missing any spots. 

3. Using the right tools

Investing in good quality brushes and tools makes a big difference, good brushes and rollers are important to help you achieve the flawless finish. Having good bristles and the perfect shaped brush will also make the job easier and quicker, having higher quality paint brushes means the brush can hold more paint. However with brushes there is one thing to remember which is to always clean them after use. 

Brushes last years and years, therefore worth the investment. Here at Victory Colours paint we have an award winning decorating tools & equipment collection. This collection is eco-friendly, this collection is sustainable due to being made from a quick growing bamboo, and recycled metal ferrules. We also stock a range of rollers by Two Fussy Blokes who produce the best rollers you can buy, in our opinion. 

4. Paint in the right order 

To ensure that no spatters of paint end up on your freshly painted walls, make sure that you paint the ceiling first before painting the walls. Blobs of paint are known as an over-spray, which are easily avoided.

5. Taping

painting tips and tricks

If you decide to tape anything to help you give a neater finish it is always good to use the right kind of tape. If you decide to use older tape or even masking tape this could become a problem, these kinds of tapes can be hard to peel off. Using painters tape is the way forward, to ensure that the paint does not bleed through make sure that you do a thorough job of sticking the tape to the surface beforehand. 

Choosing the right colour 


Choosing the right colour paint can be hard, but looking for inspiration and sampling your favourite paints is helpful for this. You can order Victory Colours eco-friendly, hand-painted paint sample panels to test out how different colours look around the home and in different light. Our sample panels are useful because you can then compare our colours with existing colour schemes and easily move the samples round the room. It may also come in handy for painting any other rooms, or if you move house the samples can come with you. 

We even have a colour matching service so if you can’t quite find the colour you want on our website, simply send over some ideas of the kind of shade you want and we will do our utmost to match the colour. Get the colour you want with all the amazing features and benefits of our technically advanced formula. 

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