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Bathroom Paint Colours

Posted by Victoria Yardley on

Sometimes all you need to transform a room is a lick of paint. Your bathroom can be such a personal space, where you can relax and take time to yourself. When it comes to choosing the right colour you need to answer the question of how your time is spent in the bathroom. If you are stuck in between shades, order a variety of A5 paint samples to choose which works best. Whether you like a nice long shower or a relaxing bath, this could help determine what kind of vibe you want for your bathroom.

Although there are many different colours to choose from, choosing the perfect colour for your bathroom can still be tricky. We've put together a list of colours to help inspire you on bathroom paint colours. 

Bright white

Bathroom Paint Colours

We’ve gone for a classic bright white for the first colour, this colour is perfect for a clean crisp look. White walls are very simple but keep the room looking sophisticated, we suggest using other textures and tiles elsewhere to add warmth and different dimensions. Here at victory colours we have the perfect white paint for you called Victory White No. 2.

Light green 

Bathroom Paint Colours

A light green is the perfect colour to try and bring the outdoors into your bathroom, it acts a very calming colour. A lovely sage green like our Cloud Tree No. 31 is the perfect sage colour to paint your walls with, this is the kind of colour that mixes well with other earthy tones and colours. These kinds of light green colours help to cool down a bright room and evoke a sense of nature. You can read more about this style of design in our previous article on biophilic design. 



Bathroom Paint Colours

If you're wanting more of a dramatic look for your bathroom then charcoal is for you. This is what we would describe as more of a moody yet sophisticated colour. This kind of colour is very chic, but can still keep your bathroom feeling cosy and relaxing. If you're wanting this more contemporary look to your bathroom, our Dick Turpin No. 20 will help you to achieve this.


Bathroom Paint Colours

Taupe is a neutral yet warm colour. There are so many different taupe shades to choose from, a light taupe can give you a more modern look. However if you're wanting something more earthy then we would suggest going for a darker taupe shade. We’ve found that taupe colours are becoming increasingly popular with our Madge No. 8  taupe shade being one of our best sellers. 

Dark green

Bathroom Paint Colours

Both dark and light green are on trend for bathroom paint colours. If you're the kind of person who loves a dark room, with a moody hue, then this sort of colour is for you. If a dark colour like our Wine Bottle Green No. 73 scares you, then we would suggest painting half of your bathroom walls to give a nice two tone look. 

Overview of bathroom paint colours 

In smaller rooms such as the bathroom the right paint colour can make a huge difference, the right colour gives you the power to create the look you want. There are so many different colours and directions you can head in when painting your bathroom, it’s just about choosing what you think suits you and your home. 

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