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Why Wallrock Fibreliner Lining Paper is the Best Choice.

Posted by Victoria Yardley on

We get asked a lot about why non-woven lining papers are a great choice for lining your walls.

AI generated image of a professional decorator putting up lining paper

Non-woven lining papers, like Wallrock Fibreliner, are made from synthetic fibres and offer several benefits over traditional paper-based lining papers. They are durable, tear-resistant, and have a uniform texture that creates a smooth and even surface for painting or wallpapering. Non-woven papers are also easy to install, as they are Paste-the-Wall, and can be hung vertically or horizontally. Additionally, they are more breathable than traditional papers, which helps prevent mould and mildew growth. Overall, non-woven lining papers are a great choice for those seeking a high-quality and long-lasting wall treatment.

Paste-the-Wall lining paper is an innovative alternative to traditional Paste-the-Paper lining paper that offers numerous advantages. Unlike traditional paper, Paste-the-Wall lining paper is easier to install, as it does not require soaking or pre-pasting. Additionally, it is more forgiving if you make mistakes during installation, as it can be easily repositioned or removed without tearing. It also dries faster, and since it does not stretch, it provides a more consistent and stable surface for painting or wallpapering. Overall, Paste-the-Wall lining paper is a smart choice for those looking for a hassle-free and professional-looking wall treatment.

We chatted to Matt McKeown, a professional decorator in Lancashire, who has offered his perspective on why he much prefers Wallrock Fibreliner over any other product on the market...

“Over the past 13 years as a decorator I have hung miles of conventional lining paper, but the minute I tried Wallrock Fibreliner I knew it was something special!  I can honestly say I wouldn’t DREAM of using conventional living paper again, and here’s why…

1. Strength - I work in a lot of older properties and I can use this with complete confidence knowing it will stand the test of time because it wont’ become dry and brittle like woven paper.  These houses can go decades between redecoration and the plaster-work is extremely temperamental, they need something exceptionally solid and sturdy, Wallrock is exactly that.

2.  Convenience - I LOVE anything that will make my job easier whilst maintaining/improving the standard of my work.  Wallrock comes in a range of widths (55cm/75cm /100cm) which is great because I can work with them all at once using which applicable for each area, this also reduces waste which is never a bad thing!

3. Time - Wallrock is Paste-the-Wall which in my opinion is far superior than Paste-the-Paper, it is quicker, less messy, and there is no soak time on the paper which means it maintains it’s rigidity for cutting.

I can’t fault Wallrock and I can’t believe that people still use traditional lining paper.  It simply isn’t an option for me anymore.  My clients love it, I tell them about it and even ask them to try and rip a piece, and they are always amazed at the quality."

Wallrock Fibreliner Smooth Non Woven Lining Paper


The Wallrock Fibreliner Collection offers no nonsense lining papers which are strong, durable and easy to hang.  Wallrock Fibreliners are suitable for a multitude of plaster work & wall imperfection problems, and for covering cracked and damaged walls quickly and easily. The high tensile strength of Wallrock Fibreliners improve and cover any cracking and imperfections, and in most cases can stop the cracks from reappearing.  Wallrock Fibreliners come in three grades:

Wallrock Fibreliner Original 150 | A no nonsense, easy to hang, durable liner.

Wallrock  Fibreliner Smooth 150 | This liner offers the same advantages of Wallrock Fibreliner Original 150 but has a smoother finish resulting in lower paint consumption and a beautifully modern look.

Wallrock Fibreliner Plus 180 | This offers extreme strength and smoothness whilst still retaining a slightly fibrous finish to the surface.

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These liners are manufactured using paper from well managed, sustainable sources, and have been developed with the best modern materials and technology.

The use of Wallrock Power Adhesive ready mixed adhesive is strongly recommended to ensure problem free application and a long service life.

Before Wallrock Fibreliner

Wall preparation before Wallrock Fibreliner

After Wallrock Fibreliner

Wall after applying Wallrock Fibreliner

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