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Hall Colour Ideas

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When it comes to decorating the home, the hall is often an area that gets overlooked. Unlike the living room and kitchen, we don’t spend particularly long periods of time in our hallways so when it comes to decorating, hallways are usually left till last. However, since the hall is the key connecting zone between rooms in your home it is a much more important area than we give it credit for.  We think it is time hallways got the attention they deserve. We have put together a list of hall colour ideas to help you create an inviting hallway that will pull your whole house together. 

Hall colour ideas to create space

hall colour ideas

If you have a narrow hallway, as with any room, painting it a light shade can help to increase the feeling of space. In the design world it is a common belief that light, bright colours are more reflective, making a room feel more open and airy. This helps to maximise the effect of natural light. 

Although white may seem like a great way to brighten up the space, it is not always the best choice for a heavy traffic area of the home like a hallway - especially if you have young children or pets, as white tends to highlight sticky finger prints, Labrador paws, and muddy boot scuffs. Some great examples of colours for your hallway include light blues and greens. The colour shown in the image above is Cloud Tree No.31 a favourite for brightening up any room. Research on colour psychology demonstrates that these colours evoke feelings of calmness, whilst simultaneously being cheery and uplifting. What’s more, light blues and greens are very often associated with nature and outdoors which can also help to make a room seem even more airy. You can read more about colour psychology in the home in one of our previous articles. 

Bold hall colour ideas

hall colour ideas

Since the hallway is the first room you enter when you step foot into a house, it is the place that sets the tone for a home. If you aren't one for playing it safe and keeping it simple, why not opt for a bold hall colour that will definitely make an impression. From dark shades of blue to bright shades of yellow, there are a number of ways you can create a striking hallway. 

If you are feeling daring when it comes to the colour of your hall walls, Midnight Ink No.71 could be the perfect choice. It is an exceptionally dark shade of blue, almost black in fact and looks amazing in any room. When paired with crisp whites or a blush neutral, Midnight Ink can add a sense of elegance to any room of the home. If you want a bold colour choice in the hallway that will brighten the space, yellow is an excellent choice. Lemoncello No. 62 is a beautiful yellow paint that evokes feelings of warmth, happiness and joy making it ideal to brighten up a hallway and bring the sunshine inside. To find out which colours are best for you, order a couple of Victory Colours A5 paint samples before deciding on buying a full sized tin. 

Wallpaper hallway ideas

If you are wanting to truly transform your hall, you can take your decor to the next level with the addition of wallpaper. Whether you choose to wallpaper the whole wall one colour or use the paper to achieve a panel look, wall paper is versatile enough for you to do either. One of our favourite brands of Wallpaper is Anaglypta.

Check out the Anaglypta Dado Panels, specially designed for you to create an opulent look in any room of the home including hallways and staircases. The best part about this wallpaper is that it comes in white but is paintable meaning you can use any of the hall colour ideas we have mentioned to achieve your desired effect. Not only is Anaglypta wallpaper stunning to look at, it is also incredibly durable making it an excellent choice for high traffic areas of the home like the hallway.

Hall wall murals

Whether you can’t decide on a hall colour scheme or don’t have time to repaint it, a great way to quickly create a stylish interior is with the use of a wall mural. Victory Colours not only sell a range of eco friendly paint and high quality wallpapers, we also stock a range of beautifully curated wall murals, designed to bring a new lease of life into your home. 

Overview of hall colour ideas

There is no doubt that the hallway is one of the areas of the home that sees the most action, so, over a period of time, scuffs and stains will inevitably appear on your walls. Fortunately, Victory Colours have created a solution, an eco-friendly paint with unique washable and durable properties which work to repel stains and make it possible to easily wash away marks. This means no matter which of our hall colour ideas you chose, your hallway will stay looking freshly painted for longer.

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