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Nursery Murals

Posted by Victoria Yardley on

If you are looking for a fun and contemporary nursery design, wall murals are a great place to start. Murals can add visual interest, depth, texture and colour to any room making them the perfect choice for a nursery. Create a stylish and inspiring play area for your children with one of Victory Colours stunning Nursery Murals

What is a wall mural?

Wall murals are seen as a relatively new and upcoming design trend that is becoming increasingly popular due to their affordability and versatility. Despite this, murals date back to prehistoric times where humans used cave paintings as a way to pass on stories and express themselves. 

Murals are a unique form of art that can depict life, stunning sceneries, religion and traditions. They are one of the ways we have been able to piece together the past and investigate the diversity of cultures throughout history. You can find murals in all kinds of buildings from temples and churches to museums and businesses. 

Ideas for Nursery Murals

When you think of a wall mural, you may imagine a piece of artwork that someone has painted directly onto walls which is the more traditional method. In the past, this may have put you off the idea of a wall mural due to the time, skill and effort required but fear no more- Victory Colours are here to help. Victory Colours stock a range of WallArt Photo Murals supplied on a high quality Paste-the-Wall base making nursery murals more accessible. These murals can be applied quickly and easily by DIYers and professionals alike. 

We have put together a list of our favourite nursery mural designs to give you some inspiration to create a room that will allow your children's imaginations to run wild.  

Fairy tale nursery murals

nursery murals

Incorporating a fairy tale forest scene into your child's nursery is an excellent way to add creativity and excitement into their play space. This fairy tale theme nursery mural comes in beautiful neutral colours that are not too overpowering yet allow your child to feel like they’re in their very own magical kingdom. 

Prehistoric nursery murals

nursery murals

It is a near universal rule that kids love dinosaurs and if you weren’t obsessed with dinosaurs when you were younger, you almost definitely knew someone who was. In fact, studies have shown that intense interests in conceptual domains like dinosaurs can actually help children develop better information processing skills and increase their attention span. This is one of the reasons why one of our favourite nursery murals is this dinosaur themed print, and of course the fact it is so impressive to look at. 

Creative nursery murals

If you want a nursery that is more simplistic but still creative, there are a number of wall murals to choose from. Here at Victory Colours we stock an impressive range of wall murals suitable for any room of the house. Whether you want to brighten up your bedroom, add some depth to your bathroom or create an eye-catching accent wall in your living room, we have a selection of murals to choose from. A creative mural that stimulates your children's senses through colour and design can help to actively encourage learning. Studies have shown that infants thrive in an atmosphere with bold colours and striking designs.

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