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Best Paint Colours for Decorating a North Facing Room

Posted by Victoria Yardley on

When it comes to designing for a north-facing room, selecting the right colours is crucial.  The light in north facing spaces contains a higher proportion of blue light compared to warmer south facing rooms, which can create a bluish cast in interior spaces.  Decorating north facing light poses unique challenges. Limited natural light can make spaces feel colder and darker. 

Blusher Pink Eco Paint Lifestyle Image


With our quality eco paints, you have a wide array of options that not only beautify your space but also contribute to a sustainable environment. Light in a north facing room can be limited therefore, opting for lighter and warmer shades will enhance your space, creating a more inviting feel. 

Warmer shades and hues have the capability to infuse warmth whilst adding a cosy touch, helping to compensate for any cooler light that enters the room. Creamy whites, subtle yellows or a blush pink could be the way to go. 

Oatmilk warm neutral eco paint, lifestyle image

Earthy and neutral colour palettes can provide a sense of grounding and warmth to a space. Tones such as muted browns, soft terracottas and warm taupes can create a welcoming and comfortable feel amongst the surroundings. 

Terrapotta Terracotta coloured eco paint lifestyle image of a bedroom

When selecting the colour that is right for you, quality eco paints will ensure a stylish and sustainable solution. These high quality eco-friendly paints not only enhance your space but will also allow you to entirely transform your room.

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