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Barbiecore - From Barbie to Ballet, Pink Interiors Are Here to Stay

Posted by Victoria Yardley on

Barbiecore might be one of the hottest trends right now, but according to the experts at British eco paint specialists Victory Colours, pink interiors might be around as long as the iconic doll who inspired the movement.

Paeony No. 66 Pink Eco Paint

Paeony Pink Eco Paint lifestyle image

Victoria Yardley, Managing Director of Victory Colours, said: “Pink is an extremely versatile colour palette. From the more subtle dusky hues through to bold magentas, it complements a wealth of other colours, everything from neutral to more opulent hues, and looks great as a main feature.
“Gone are the days when pink was found in nurseries and children’s bedrooms, it is here to stay.”

Bubble Gum No. 115 Olenka Design

Bubble Gum No. 115 Bright Pink Eco Paint

Victory Colours’ own collection of pink paint shades includes everything from warming salmons and attention-grabbing magentas through to cool, almost-greys.

Pink Kiss No. 49 Bright Pink Eco Paint

Pink Kiss No. 49 Bright Pink Eco Paint

Like the rest of the Victory Colours paint collection, they have been produced with the environment at the fore and are virtually free of all toxins and VOCs.

Cyclamen No. 89 Pink Eco Paint

Cyclamen Pink Eco Paint


Victory Colours' matt emulsion is priced at £44.95 for 2.5-litres. It is available now from

Alice Tea Rose & Bubble Gum No. 115

Alice Tea Rose Olenka Design Wallpaper and Bubble Gum Eco Paint

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