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Orange is the New Black

Posted by Victoria Yardley on

New research shows home owners have one subject on their mind at the moment: Autumn!

Pinterest shows searches for the term 'cosy autumn aesthetic' are up 600% over a month, similar search terms are 'autumn bedroom' and 'autumn decor'.

Terracotta Bedroom  Image

Autumn may have been delayed ever so slightly due to the final summer splurge, but there is not doubt that people are looking to bring warmth into their homes using rich earthy tones.  Oranges, coppers and burnt ochres are ideal hues for adding heat to interiors.

Urban Fox No. 69 Living room image

While orange interiors might not be everyone's cup of tea, it is the perfect complement to another autumn trend...  Brooding blues are going to be one of the most popular shades this winter, and orange is a great shade to bring through some warmth.  Orange and blues work beautifully together and will create a stunning interior scheme that wows!

Midnight Ink Matt Emulsion lifestyle image

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