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Modern Mauve

Posted by Victoria Yardley on

Victory Colours Eco Paint About Damson No. 50 room


Modern Mauve is a three-strong collection curated by Victory Colours to put a present-day spin on a timeless classic. It features Purple Reign, Iris Pallida and About Damson.  Mauve is a beautiful shade that dances between purple and pink on the colour spectrum, which makes it incredibly versatile.

About Damson Splodge
About Damson

The last few years have seen more homeowners get increasingly ambitious in the colour schemes and this collection is ideal for those who want to pay homage to a design classic while enjoying a contemporary dose of colour.

Iris Pallida Lilac Eco Paint Lifestyle Image
Each shade in the Modern Mauve collection was picked to complement existing interior schemes, and the real beauty is that each of the colours in this collection works beautifully with existing colour schemes.
Iris Pallida
The delicacy of Iris Pallida works particularly well with grey features and tones, while About Damson is a more saturated mauve which will not only inject a modern touch but will set off metallic finishes beautifully.
Purple Purple Reign Purple eco Paint
Purple Reign is a gorgeous, regal tone that looks stunning against dark wood finishes. Mauve is going to enjoy a real resurgence this summer bringing with it a real sense of freshness and vibrancy.
Purple Reign

Like the rest of the paints from Victory Colours, the Modern Mauve Collection is eco-friendly, boasting virtually no VOCs or toxins and great depth of colour.
The Modern Mauve Collection is available now from with prices starting at £44.95 for 2.5-litres of emulsion, including delivery.

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