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Colour Scheme Ideas

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colour scheme ideas

Colour schemes are a matter of preference to some extent, however, everyone needs a bit of inspiration from time to time. When choosing a colour scheme, you want to make sure that it matches your home and your personality. Colour schemes that are based around neutrals are a always a safe option but if you’re feeling more out there you might want to explore some more interesting colour scheme ideas. We have put together some of our favourite colour schemes that can work well in any room of your home.

Neutral Colour Scheme Ideas

Neutral Colour scheme ideas

If you are nervous about the idea of painting your walls a new colour, your best bet is to opt for a neutral colour scheme. Look for off white shades, stone and beiges to make your home seem warm and inviting. Remember to consider that if you use too much white, you can make your home appear cold and sterile which is never a look you want to achieve in the home. 

Be sure to pair your neutral walls with neutral décor that highlights the room's colour scheme. Some options which will add some cosiness to your home include scatter cushions and shaggy sheep style rugs, fake ones of course! In our featured image we use Avlon number 9 which is a stunning example of a natural beige that will work well with any room in your house. Another reason why neutrals are a safe option are because you can quite easily add in additional colours to the mix through your furnishings which can be changed and updated as often as you like- much more easily than the colour on your walls.

Natural colour scheme ideas

Natural colour scheme ideas

Currently, everyone is loving the colour green, whether it's clothes, accessories or even your home interiors. We’re happy to embrace this colour which brings the outdoors into the home and creates a truly natural vibe. The best part about the colour green is that there are so many variations, our favourite to use in the home has to be a light sage green across all walls or a dark green feature wall. Be sure to add in dark furnishings or wood decorations and plenty of plants to  give the room an earthy vibe with a high end feel. If you like the colour used in the picture you can find the exact shade under the name Ayton Green No 74, named after a beautiful village in North Yorkshire because of it being surrounded by vibrant green trees and fields.  

Bold colour scheme ideas

bold colour scheme ideas

If you are feeling bold and want a colour that will really make an impact, why not take the plunge and go for a bright and dramatic colour. There are multiple options to choose from if you’re thinking about daring colour scheme ideas. Pink is ultra trendy right now when it comes to interior design, one of the reasons being that it is a surprisingly great way to make a small room seem bigger. Check out the shade shown above called Paeony No 66, it really is stunning and has the versatility to be paired with anything from light neutrals to vibrant greens or even darker shades.

colour scheme ideas

Another bold but versatile colour scheme idea is blue. Blue comes in so many different shades from deep royal blues to lighter colours like sky blue and turquoise. The reason why we love blue so much is because it works well in any room of the house. The deep blue paint demonstrated in the image above features our favourite blue paint colour 126 mph No 26. This stunning shade is bold and timeless with black undertones and works particularly well with whites and dark greys. If you don’t want to paint a wall, you can add a splash of blue into your home by adding some decorations like vibrant printed cushions or colourful patterned blue bedding. 

Overview of colour scheme ideas

Choosing the right colour scheme in your home is important because after all, our home is the place many of us spend most of our time. Although everyone's tastes when it comes to home décor and colour schemes can differ, ultimately we all have the same goal- to create a truly beautiful and welcoming space at home. A key take away from this article is that we always recommend choosing a versatile colour that works well with other colours and furniture. This is because you can switch up additional decorations and furnishings if you ever fancy a change without having to repaint your walls.

All of the colours discussed in our colour scheme ideas are sold by us here at Victory Colours. To get a deeper insight into colour psychology we also discuss the different connotations of the most popular colours in a previous article to help you create your desired atmosphere in your home. 

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