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Non Smelling Paint

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non smelling paint

Anyone who has put a paint brush to a wall or even entered a building that has recently had paint work done is likely to be familiar with that typical ‘paint smell’. It isn’t particularly pleasant, nor are the other side effects that come with it. Fortunately now we know the cause behind the smell of paint, it is possible to buy  non smelling paint

The secret behind the smell

The first step in getting rid of the nasty smell of paint is identifying the cause. The main reason behind the smell is the chemicals often used in many standard paints. These chemicals are more commonly known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The strong odour associated with paint gives away the fact that what you are inhaling is bad for you, but VOCs go beyond just having a bad smell. These compounds also have a detrimental effect on the environment because of their contribution to the formation of the ozone layer. 

Inhaling these VOCs are often behind the side effects many people experience after exposure to fresh paint. Some of the side effects include the following:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea 
  • Throat and eye irritation
  • Light-headedness 

Unfortunately, the risks associated with standard paints that contain VOCs are not necessarily short term. Long after the paint dries and the smell dissipates, the chemicals continue to be released into the air of your home. This process is known as ‘off-gassing’ which can occur for years after the paint is applied to the surface as a result of heat exposure. This is because heat exposure can cause VOCs to evaporate at a faster rate. Examples of heat exposure that can lead to off-gassing is when your wall is in direct sunlight or in close proximity to a hot radiator. 

How to avoid these effects with non smelling paint

The best way to avoid the side effects of paint is to opt for a non smelling paint or low odour paint alternative. Often, non smelling paint contains low levels of volatile organic compounds meaning your benefits go beyond an odourless paint. Here are some advantages of Victory Colours low odour paint:

  • Low VOC paint
  • Toxic free
  • Cruelty free
  • Eco friendly 
  • Safe as possible for humans and animals 
  • Durable and washable

Many people are blissfully unaware of the harmful effects of paints and may choose to ignore the side effects without realising they can be easily avoided. Non-smelling paint can be an effective solution to the side effects associated with a fresh lick of paint, reducing headaches and feelings of nausea whilst being better for your health and the environment. 


FAQs about non smelling paint:

Can you get non smelling paint?

Victory Colours have created an ultra low paint that steers clear of the all too familiar unpleasant paint smell that can linger for weeks. The lack of solvents and minimal VOCs in our paint means the smell is minimal, if you notice it at all. The benefit of this is that the indoor air quality is not compromised, and for those who are environmentally conscious, the low VOC paint has minimal contributions to the atmosphere. 


What are the benefits of non smelling paint?

There are multiple benefits of choosing a non smelling paint. Often an odourless paint will contain low or no VOC. This means that you are less likely to experience the nasty side effects associated with a fresh lick of paint such as headaches, dizziness and nausea. What’s more, these paints are not only better for you because they are non toxic, they are also safer for the environment as they have minimal effects on the atmosphere. 

Is odourless paint safer?

If you are planning on painting and decorating your home, why not go for the safer choice by opting for a non smelling paint. Odourless paint can be hard to come by, this is because the main cause behind the smell of paint is volatile organic compounds (VOCs.) Unfortunately these chemicals are the standard in the paint industry, once they are removed not only do you get non smelling paint, you also get to avoid many of the nasty side effects associated with painting. Odourless paint is safer because it is non toxic, it allows you to avoid the side effects like headaches and nausea and it has minimal effects on the environment.

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