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Wallrock Magnetwall | 62cm x 10m

Victory Colours

  • £12995

Wallrock Magnetwall | 62cm x 10m

Truly Magnetic Performance! 

Wallrock Magnetwall is an innovative new product from the genius inventors at Wallrock!  Wallrock Magnetwall will help improve the way you plan and organise your meeting rooms, classrooms, offices and home offices.  It allows you to create a strong magnetic surface of any size. If you are thinking about constructing a space for a magnetic walls then Wallrock Magnetwall is a versatile and cost-effective way to make any wall work with magnets.

Wallrock Magnetwall is an innovative and economical alternative to expensive magnetic boards and ineffective magnetic paints.  A roll of Wallrock Magnetwall works out at only £19.35 per square meter.

Recommended Adhesive: Wallrock Dampstop Thermic Adhesive
Adhesive Usage Per Roll: 2.5kg (On Average)
Substrate: Flexible Steel PVC Sheet
Application: Paste-the-wall AND Paste-the-paper
Thickness: 0.46mm
Roll Size: 10m x 62cm Wide
Roll Coverage: 6.2 Square Metres
Finish: Flat Matt
Colour: Mid grey colour but is paintable


Offices & Meeting Rooms - Wallrock Magnetwall allows you to easily create strong magnetic surfaces where you can visually display project plans and schedules.  It can create suitable spaces for planning, scheduling, posting, sharing, project management, brainstorming and teamwork, where information can be easily organised and moved about on the wall but still remain visible.   

Schools and Learning Environments - Wallrock Magnetwall devises highly interactive teaching and learning spaces where teachers and children can easily display art, projects and schoolwork.

Home - Wallrock Magnetwall can help with all the 'lovely artwork', certificates, newsletters etc that comes home from school on a daily basis, and in my case,  stuck untidily to the overladen fridge!  A magnetic wall makes a lovely, organised space to display art and school work.  It looks equally good in a kitchen, study or feature wall in any living room.

Wallrock Magnetwall comes in a very contemporary, on-trend, charcoal grey.  However, if this colour does not fit your present decor you can easily cover it with decorative wallpaper or plain lining paper which can then be painted the colour of your choice.  In its simplest form, Wallrock Magnetwall is a durable, easy to apply liner that allows a wall to be used with magnets. 

Once applied to the wall and allowed to dry for a full 24 hours, further decorative paper or lining paper such as Wallrock Fibreliner 150 or Wallrock Fibreliner Smooth can be applied, using Wallrock Power Adhesive.  

Use the specially developed Wallrock Dampstop Thermic Adhesive to ensure problem free adhesion, we recommend applying between 50ml and 100ml to the wall surface and a further 50ml to the reverse of the Wallrock Magnetwall for optimum adhesive performance.

All magnets can be used with Wallrock Magnetwall, however we recommend our Neodymium Magnets for improved performance, however, these magnets are NOT suitable for children.

For more information on please call our friendly and knowledgeable Sales Team on 01258 841310. 


  • Allows use of magnets on the wall

  • Works with all magnet types

  • Paste-the-Wall and Paste-the-Paper concurrently

  • Suitable for further decoration

  • Easy to use

  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications

  • Cost Effective

  • Versatile

  • Safe for use in play areas

  • Fire Resistant with a B1 s1 d0 fire rating - meaning it is very difficult to ignite and gives off no smoke or droplets.

  •  Safe to use in schools and is already being used in hundreds of schools across the Netherlands.

Single length: 10m

Single Width:  62cm

Coverage: 6.2m² approx

Single length: 10m x 0.62m coverage: 6.2m² approx

As a rule of thumb 150ml of Wallrock Dampstop Thermic Adhesive is required for each m2 of Wallrock Magnetwall liner.

Why not try Wallrock Dampstop Thermic Adhesive which is recommended for this product which is available to buy on our website?

The working temperature (environment and substrate) must be greater than +5°C and less than +25°C. Use the specially developed Wallrock Dampstop Thermic Adhesive to ensure problem free bonding, for best results a consumption of circa 150ml per m² is recommended - please also refer to step 3 below.

1. Cut all lengths as required, allowing extra for trimming at each end.

2. Mark a guideline with a pencil for the first length, using a string line as a guide for vertical drops or a spirit level if preferred (this is essential if hanging horizontally).

3. Apply Wallrock Dampstop Thermic Adhesive to the wall surface AND to the reverse side of the Wallrock Magnetwall, 50-100ml per m² is recommended for the wall surface and 50ml per m² for the reverse of Wallrock Magnetwall - overall 150ml per m². Once the Wallrock Dampstop Thermic Adhesive has been applied to both surfaces it is then advised to wait 20 minutes before applying Wallrock Magnetwall to the surface (the Wallrock Dampstop Thermic Adhesive will become semi translucent after 20 minutes).

4. Apply the first length along the guide line, smooth out with a soft smoothing tool, work from the centre of the drop to remove any excess adhesive NB: Do not apply excessive pressure when using a smoothing tool, as this can cause damage to the surface. 

5. Use a straight edge and a sharp knife to remove any excess material from the top and bottom of the drop (maintain the effectiveness of the sharp knife blade by regularly changing). Good quality decorating shears can be used as an alternative if preferred. NB: Use clean warm water and a sponge to remove any adhesive from the front of the Wallrock Magnetwall.

6. Butt join all subsequent lengths, being careful not to overlap the edges. Allow Wallrock Magnetwall to dry out thoroughly before continuing. We recommend a minimum of 24 hours, longer may be required in some circumstances, dependent upon the subsurface condition and humidity.

7. To allow the application of paint, we suggest overhanging with either Wallrock Fibreliner 150 or Wallrock Fibreliner Smooth, using Wallrock Power Adhesive. Carefully plan where the joins of the Wallrock Fibreliner will fall before hanging - ideally the Wallrock Fibreliner joins should be at least 100mm away from any Wallrock Magnetwall join to achieve the best finish. Allow the Wallrock Fibreliner to dry thoroughly before continuing, we recommend a minimum of 24 hours, longer may be required in some circumstances dependent upon humidity.

8. Use a good quality washable paint, we advise an egshell finish for its hardwearing characteristics.  Eggshell paints will better resist marking from repeated magnet use. It is also possible to use 'whiteboard' paint or 'blackboard' paint if required. NB: we recommend the surface of Wallrock Magnetwall is lined before painting, please see step 7 above.


1.  Adhesive for Wallrock Magnetwall - Use the specially developed Wallrock Dampstop Thermic Adhesive to ensure problem free adhesion, we recommend applying between 50ml and 100ml to the wall surface and a further 50ml to the reverse of the Wallrock Magnetwall for optimum adhesive performance.

2.   Lining Paper - Here at Victory Colours HQ we recommend that you overhang the Wallrock Magnetwall with either Wallrock Fibreliner Smooth or Wallrock Fibreliner 150 to give the best finish for painting.  If you do decide to overhang with Wallrock Fibreliner please make sure that you use Wallrock Power Adhesive for the best results. 


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