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Warm colours To Make A Cosy Home

Posted by Victoria Yardley on

Autumn is quickly approaching so what better time to share our favourite colour combinations of warm colours to make a cosy home. We’ve picked 5 warm colours from Victory Colours eco-friendly paint range. In this article we are going to cover our favourite paints that radiate a cosy vibe. With that being said, let's jump right into it.

5 Warm Colours To Make Any Room Feel Cosy

When it comes to wanting a cosy home, colours are a fantastic place to start. Using dramatic feature walls with warm colours you can make any room feel cosy especially in the autumn and winter months. Here are some of our favourite colours to use to create this effect:


warm colours


One of our ultimate favourite colours to warm up a room is teal, more specifically Victory Colours Dabbling Duck shade. The brightness of this colour gives an elegant edge to any room and is ideal for all seasons not just just the cold ones. This colour can be combined with a range of others including gold, white brick, yellow and coral colours. This means that you can switch up the furnishings in your living room to create completely different ambiences to suit your preferences at the time and more importantly means you will never get bored.


warm colours

Another one of our favourites from our warm colours collection is Sunstar, a zesty bright yellow idea for an accent wall. The versatility of this yellow shade means it works well with a variety of other colours. Yellow is a colour said to represent cheer and happiness which you can read more about in one of our previous articles on colour psychology. This makes it a great way to make a room feel cosy and welcoming and give you a splash of brightness in the cold, dark autumn and winter months.


Next on our list is an absolutely stunning shade called American Tan that will definitely create a cosy feel in any room regardless of how big or small the room is. This luxury brown paint serves Moroccan vibes and goes with pretty much everything. We love this colour because it is full of personality and down right trendy, complimenting nearly any colour in your home. 


Although blue naturally has a cool undertone, this dramatic royal sapphire shade of dark blue is the epitome of elegance and ideal for warming any room when paired with the right furniture. This rich shade works well as a stunning feature wall for any living room. You could also use it across all walls to create a modern edginess to a traditional room. We also recommend this shade paired with red and white for a patriotic boys bedroom. 


Potentially the warmest and cosiest colour you can opt for is this rich brown colour, it couldn't get a more autumnal name either, here we have Victory Colours shade Conker. This deep earthy brown makes you want to curl up next to your fireplace, you really can’t get a cosier colour than this. Pair this shade with modern acid brights or tone it down with a cooler manor white. 

Overview Of Warm Colours To Make a Cosy Home

When the cold weather strikes and the nights begin to draw in, you’ll be spending much more time inside, curled up in your living room. Creating a cosy space for these seasons is a perfect way to make any house a home and as we’ve established, a great place to start is with warm colours on your walls. We hope these 5 examples of our favourite shades for the autumn and winter months have given you some inspiration on ways to warm your home without increasing your gas and electricity bills. 

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