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Thermal wallpaper

Posted by Victoria Yardley on

In this time of rapidly rising heating and utility bills, it is more important than ever to be thermally efficient. Luckily, Victory Colours has a great solution, thermal wallpaper. We stock the effective Wallrock Thermal Liner, a clever way of adding insulation and reducing heating bills.

If you are looking for cost effective insulating wallpaper, shop our thermal liner range or alternatively, take a look at our lining paper collection.

thermal liner

What is thermal wallpaper?

Insulating wallpaper and liners are a way to add an extra layer of insulation to your walls. Here at Victory Colours we stock the Wallrock Thermal Liner, recommended by The Energy Saving Trust because of their unbeatable efficiency and energy saving properties. Thermal liners are made from an advanced heat-securing material bonded to a high-quality lining paper. Wallrock Thermal Liners are an excellent way to get your home feeling nice and cosy.  With the huge amount of heat they retain, these clever liners can save you money in the long run by reducing your heating bills.

Benefits of thermal wallpaper

Other than the money saving benefit of the Wallrock thermal liner helping to significantly reduce heating and utility costs due to its energy conserving properties, there are a number of other benefits which include:

  • Simple to apply
  • Ability to insulate any room
  • Minimises condensation 
  • Helps combat common household issues like damp and mould
  • Significantly reduces room warm up time
  • Provides texture coverage for uneven surfaces such as cracked walls
  • Allows walls to breathe
  • Sound insulating

Thermal wallpaper FAQs

Can I paint thermal wallpaper?

The Wallrock Thermal Liner is designed to be painted with its smooth outer facing side. Although we recommend leaving at least 24 hours after applying the thermal wallpaper to the wall to allow the paste to dry before painting over it. 

For a smoother finish, cross line the Wallrock Thermal Liner with Wallrock Fibreliner Smooth and Wallrock Power Adhesive.  This excellent liner offers a super smooth surface for wall paints.

How thick is Wallrock thermal liner?

The Wallrock thermal liner comes in two grades, the KV600 which is the thickest in the range and is 600gsm (approximately 4mm thick), and then the standard Wallrock Thermal Liner which is 450gsm (approximately 3mm thick) which offers worthwhile energy savings, for example 15% on typical solid brick external walls.

Which wallpaper adhesive should be used?

We recommend using the Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive, a high bond strength adhesive, especially formulated for the heavy Wallrock Thermally efficient wallpapers.

The Wallrock thermal liner adhesive has been specially developed to create the perfect base for decorating. Its unique formula covers cracks and smooths imperfections which allows you to save time and money and minimises wall preparation. Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive is ready mixed, easy to use and has a non-drip formula. It is ideal for use with Wallrock Thermal Liners, insulating liners and heavy contract vinyl papers, it also contains a safe fungicide as with all Wallrock adhesives.

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