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Odour Free paint, Does It Exist?

Posted by Victoria Yardley on


We’ve all experienced that nasty chemical smell that comes with a fresh coat of paint. It can leave you feeling dizzy, nauseous and headachy. Which leads us to the question, does odour free paint exist and where can I buy it? This article will cover everything you need to know about ‘odour free paint’ such as what causes it and how to avoid it.

What causes that typical ‘paint smell’?

First of all, let's start by uncovering the actual cause of that typical paint smell. Unsurprisingly the chemical paint smell is exactly that, chemicals. Many paints are full of volatile organic compounds, also called VOCs which are bad for both you and the environment. A fresh coat of paint may seem harmless, but VOCs contain chemicals such as benzene, ethylene glycol, formaldehyde and more. To put it into context, these chemicals are also found in car exhaust fumes. 

So, not only do we have the issue of that nasty paint smell, but also the concern of the actual cause of the smell. Luckily, low VOC paints are on the available, but this begs the question, does odour free paint even exist?

Does Odour Free Paint Exist?

In short, odour free paint does exist, kind of. What we mean by kind of is that having completely non smelling paint is borderline impossible. However when you remove VOC materials from the mix, the smell often goes with it. So, yes, you can get an ultra low odour paint that is toxic free, avoids the nasty chemicals and doesn’t leave you with a headache. It is important to do your research though, because not all low voc paints are odour free. 

Benefits of Odour Free Paint

Now we have identified the cause of typical paints odour, we wanted to share the benefits of using an odour free paint: 

  • Minimal VOCs 
  • As safe as possible for humans and animals. 
  • Vegan paint 
  • No more headaches, dizziness and nausea
  • Minimal contributions to the atmosphere making it eco-friendly paint
  • Just as good quality (if not better) as any other paint
  • Toxic free meaning no more inhaling of nasty chemicals

You may be wondering where to buy some good quality low odour paint, so we’ve covered that in our next section.

Where can I buy it?

Victory Colours are a family owned business, motivated by a desire to give something back to our planet. Victory Colours have created and sell only vegan, eco friendly, low voc and ultra low odour paint. This means you get more than just ono smelling paint, but are buying something that is better for you and the environment. 

Here at Victory Colours, we are eco friendly through and through. By this we mean not only are our products safe for the environment, but so is our packaging. 

To find out more about our brand and see some of our products head over to our products page. If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to contact us


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