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Non Toxic Wall Paint Buyers Guide

Posted by Victoria Yardley on

non toxic wall paint

Non Toxic Wall Paint

So, we all know that painting and decorating can be a chore but it doesn't have to be. Although there are some pitfalls of picking up the paintbrush including feelings of dizziness and nausea from the strong odour emitted from the chemicals in the paint tin.. But it doesn't have to be this way. 

First off, we want to get into the nitty gritty, the reason behind why your standard wall paint can leave you feeling light headed. Typical wall paint is full of nasty chemicals, and if that doesn't turn your stomach, the scent probably will. These chemicals include materials known as Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs which you can read more about in one of our previous blogs: Environmentally Friendly Paint, is it worth it? To summarise, VOCs are harmful chemicals emitted into the atmosphere and the air in your home, long after the paint dries. You can read more about them in our low VOC paint article.

So, what is the solution?

Victory Colours have created a solution to minimise the impact of VOCs by working hard to create a high quality, durable paint range that has reduced levels of VOC materials, thats right, you heard it here first.. non toxic wall paint. This has led to our production of a non toxic wall paint range. 

Not only is our non toxic paint with low VOC, it is also released next to no odours and the best part is that it is completely vegan and eco friendly paint.

We have created a buyers guide to non toxic wall paint and although we may be slightly biased, we want consumers to get the most benefits out of their paint investment. 

Tip 1: How Do I find high quality non toxic wall paint?

Research, research, research! It can be hard to decide which paint to go for when there are so many different options available. However, it is important to realise that finding a good quality durable paint with a long life span requires research. When looking for a non toxic paint, there are some key elements that we suggest looking out for on your quest for the right wall paint for your home or office. 

Firstly, ‘zero-VOC’ paint does not necessarily mean the paint is completely toxic free, and this is also a red flag to be aware of because it is unlikely that paints are ever entirely free from VOCs. This is because despite best efforts to remove them they do still manage to sneak their way in.

Another thing to look out for is that some paints may be displayed as ‘environmentally friendly’ or ‘vegan’ but this does not necessarily mean that it is non toxic. We recommend reading the ingredients of paints unless it is explicitly labelled ‘non toxic’ or ‘toxic free’.

Tip 2: Is non toxic wall paint more costly?

Our next tip is to consider your budget but also to think about the long term investment of wall paint. The benefit of non toxic wall paint is that when you crack open the tin and start painting, you get to avoid the harsh smells that can give you a headache and can be especially rough on those with asthma or other sinusitis issues. But, the less obvious benefit is that long after your paint has dried, toxins are released into the atmosphere and the air in your home for up to 5 years after. By purchasing a non toxic wall paint you get to avoid this. 

Our tip is to ensure you are investing in a good quality, durable paint. Regardless of whether it is non-toxic paint or standard wall paint. Although initially standard wall paint may be cheaper and there are plenty of low-priced options on the market, it is important to consider why they are cheaper. Evidence suggests that the cheaper the product, the lower quality of the materials and often the higher levels of toxins from the large amount of VOCs in the paint. On top of that is the fact that cheaper paint is less durable and has a lower opacity meaning more coats are going to be needed which ultimately may end up costing a lot more in the long run. This shows that it may be more cost effective to make the initial larger investment in good quality non-toxic paint

Tip 3: What are the health benefits of non toxic wall paint?

We also think that there is a reason for the surge in demand for non-toxic paint which could be related to growing concerns over both human health and animal welfare. The covid-19 pandemic has pushed health to the forefront of many of our minds as we have had to start thinking about the condition of our bodies regardless of our age or illnesses. Non-toxic paint is beneficial for you and your family in the home because it is much better for your health. 

Additionally, the heightened awareness of animal rights and welfare has pushed more people into adopting vegan lifestyles that reduce harm to animals. Unfortunately, many paints have negative impacts on animals due to a variety of reasons, firstly by the toxins typical paints emit into the environment but significantly due to many paint materials consisting of animal derived products and even worse, some being tested on animals. We wanted to create a range of vegan paint to combat this issue.

Buying a non-toxic paint is a great way to improve the environment and society by making a stand for change against the norm. Victory Colours was created with the main purpose of giving something back to our planet.

Tip 4: Where can non toxic wall paint be used?

So another frequently asked question is where can non toxic wall paint be used? The answer to this depends on the paint you are purchasing but ultimately non toxic paint can be used in any room of your house or office and on internal or external walls, just make sure you buy the right paint for your chosen surface.

Here at Victory Colours we have created a wide range of wall paints that come in a variety of colours and finishes to suit all of your decorating needs. If you are unsure on the colour or shade you would like, you can order some of our A5 paint samples to help make the decision. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more.

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