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Introducing Sue Gray, it will cover up everything!

Posted by Victoria Yardley on

Post Party Paint

Sue Gray matt emulsion from Victory Colours has been formulated to completely transform and cover up a multitude of sinful stains, from champagne, beer, wine and even cheese.  Sue Gray will save the day!

Sue Gray Eco Paint will cover up any post party messes

Has your home been through it all? Too many guests traipsing in and out, far too many late nights working in front of a cheese board? Spilt wine?

Room wrecked post lockdown party

You need a complete refresh, something that makes your home feel brand new so we can all forget what a disaster it was previously. Introducing our new paint, Sue Gray, specifically designed to cover everything!

 Sue Gray Room Image

Technically advanced, the paint has fabulous opacity and coverage properties, is resistant to stains and is extremely durable. It is solvent free vegan paint and super low voc paint that contains virtually no VOCs.
Victory Colours’ paints are £41.95 for 2.5-litres of matt emulsion. Available from:  A strong platinum grey paint with warm tones. It complements bold colour schemes and perfectly sets off deep oranges, particularly Antique Gold or Sunstar.



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