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Insulation DIY Solutions

Posted by Victoria Yardley on

As the colder months approach and energy bills rise, now is the right time to get going with some home insulation DIY.  The obvious change is to insulate your walls, but not everyone has the budget for this. We've come up with a number of home insulation DIY solutions you can try yourself to help you save money this winter. 

Loft/Attic Insulation DIY Solutions

Heat can be lost through many different parts of the home. However, the attic is one of the most common ways that heat tends to escape. Not only can you insulate your attic with foam insulation, but you can also use reflective foil as another more cost-efficient method. Adding reflective foil to the walls of your attic helps to bounce the heat back down through your home, as heat rises. This is a great insulation DIY tip, it’s something that you only have to spend out on once, then you will see that your home will become a lot warmer, whilst starting to save some money. 

Add Thick Curtains

Adding thicker or thermal curtains is another great way to help keep the heat within your rooms, this is a simple and very effective home insulation DIY solution. If you don’t wish to invest in new curtains it is easy enough to add a liner to the curtains you already have, fleece liners are particularly warm. It is recommended to keep your curtains and blinds open during the day, but as soon as the sun sets, you need to draw them to contain as much heat as possible.

Plug Your Fireplace

If you have a fireplace flue that isn't sealed properly, this will result in the loss of heat through your chimney. An easy home insulation DIY fix is to add chimney balloons, which are a quick way to plug your chimney, they inflate to act as a seal. A simple DIY hack is to make your own by using bubble wrap or cardboard and shoving them into the gaps. We think that this little insulation DIY trick is a great way to save money on your household bills, always remember to remove your chimney balloon before you light a fire!

Add Door Snakes 

Adding door snakes to all your draughty doors is such an easy home insulation DIY solution to implement around your home. A door snake sits at the bottom of your door, which blocks the cold air from entering through any gaps. Door snakes can be made from a number of different materials, and are easy to make yourself, they can be made by stuffing pillows and old socks, alternatively, you’ll be able to buy these draught excluders online or in some homeware stores. 

Thermal Liners DIY Insulation Solutions

Thermal liners can be applied to the walls all over the home. They are designed to be heavy duty, and have been woven with durable tactile fibres, with the aim to insulate your rooms better. Thermal liners are the perfect way to help reduce energy bills, this is due to the amount of insulation they provide. Thermal liners have been scientifically proven to reduce room warm up time, and also hold heat in a room for longer, keeping your home nice an cosy during the colder months.

Here at Victory Colours, we have a wide range of Wallrock thermal liners, ready to make your home better insulated in the cold winter months. 


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