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Home Renovation Tips For Painting

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When it comes to home improvements, it is often cheaper to do it yourself than hire a professional. The problem with DIY is that it comes with the risk of not getting it quite right. Luckily, we at Victory Colours are experts in all things decor and wanted to share our top home renovation tips for painting. The aim of our home renovation tips is to take away the stress of DIY and to give you some extra techniques to achieve the best results. 

DIY is a useful skill that doesn't always get the attention it deserves. Learning these 5 useful tips will equip you with the knowledge and skills that will last you a lifetime. The benefit of this is that it should improve the quality of your work whilst saving you time and money in the process. Whether you're preparing to sell, renovating your home for the first time or simply switching up your decor, these home renovation tips for painting apply to all.

5 Home Renovation Tips For Painting

Here at Victory Colours we have been in the manufacturing and decorating industry for a long time. Our company produces environmentally friendly paint and we have worked hard to create exceptional quality products in a range of colours. Along the way we have learned and applied many effective techniques for painting and wanted to share them with you. Here are our top 5 home renovation tips for painting:

Don’t let your tin of paint dry out

Our first tip is to make sure you don’t let your tin of paint dry out. It doesn’t matter which brand or paint you’re using, if you leave a half empty can of paint open for too long, it will eventually dry out. A good rule of thumb is to wipe away excess paint from the paint lid and rim of the tin using a damp cloth. This will ensure good sea land and reduce the likelihood of the paint drying out.

Use a Low VOC paint

We are all too familiar with the nasty side effects that come with painting and decorating. Often, these effects are a result of the chemicals contained within the paint. These chemicals are commonly known as VOCs or volatile organic compounds. These materials are toxic and bad for the environment so we recommend avoiding them where possible. They can also be found in car fumes and glue to name a few examples. Victory colours paints are all ultra low VOC and with them comes a number of benefits:

Paint in the right order

Our next home renovation tip is when painting, to do so in the right order. By this we mean firstly paint the ceiling then move on to the walls. We also recommend painting large areas before the trim because you’ll work more quickly when painting open areas which can lead to splatters and over spray which you can neaten up when painting the trim. 

Buy good quality paint supplies

Another useful tip is to invest in some high quality paint supplies. Buying cheap paint and brushes is a false economy. This is because cheap paint is firstly more likely to contain higher levels of VOCs and will need touching up more regularly than a high quality paint. When it comes to equipment and brand we like to use two fussy blokes. We recommend this brand for a few reasons, first of all they produce great products but more importantly their values align with our own. Their brand was born out of frustration when the founders decided they were fed up with poor quality rollers. They decided to create their own paint roller tools that would live up to their own ‘fussy’ high standards.

Shop Vegan Paint

Our fifth and final house renovation tip is the buy animal cruelty free vegan paint. Unfortunately what many people are unaware of is the fact that many wall paint companies use animal derived materials within their products. Examples include female lac, beetle, ox gal, animal bone or bone derivatives. What’s worse, some paints are tested on animals. The best way to identify whether of not your paint is vegan is to check the ingredients unless the brand or paint tin explicitly states it is vegan or animal cruelty free. Victory Colours is not only eco-friendly and toxic free, we are also 100% animal cruelty free. You can find out more on our about us page.

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