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Accent wall ideas

Posted by Victoria Yardley on

If you are looking for an easy way to spruce up your home, an accent wall could be the answer. An accent wall is usually an interior wall that boasts a different colour, shade, design or material to the walls around it. We have put together some feature wall ideas to give you some creative inspiration for ways to add a sense of excitement to your home. Contrasting walls can be used as a way to draw attention to a part of the room that might otherwise get overlooked, or even to tie a colour scheme together. 


One of the most popular ways to create an accent wall is by painting one wall a different colour or shade from the other walls in the room. Since the accent wall is traditionally the feature of a room, a good place to paint a different colour is usually the chimney breast of a room or the wall behind a sofa or behind the headboard of a bed. 

If you’re not sure what colour to use, we recommend matching the colour of the feature wall with other furnishings and ornaments in the room such as cushions or curtains. Another way of deciding what colour works best is by ordering some of our A5 paint samples prior to decorating. The colour shown in the image above ‘Roosters Blue No.82’ makes a great feature wall. The main thing that might be putting you off creating an accent wall is the disruptiveness fresh paint can cause. Fortunately, with Victory Colours eco friendly paint, you don’t need to worry about inhaling harsh chemicals and nasty odours. Our paints have great opacity with excellent coverage meaning a little goes a long way. 


If you are on the hunt for accent wall ideas that are guaranteed to make an impression, wallpaper could be a great choice. One of the best wallpapers you can use is Anaglypta, ever popular because it is high quality and paintable and available in a variety of colours- what is not to love? Whether your interior design style is vintage, contemporary, funky or modern, we stock a range of Anaglypta designs to suit all. What’s more, Anaglypta wallpaper is renowned for its problem solving capabilities due to its strength and quality making it a great option for covering wall cracks and imperfections. The wallpaper shown in the image above is stocked by Victory Colours, called Anaglypta Egon RD80029.



Accent wall ideas

Often, when people think of a feature wall, they think of a wall that is painted one solid block of colour. However, accent walls can go beyond just paint. One of our favourite ways to make a room more interesting is with the use of a mural. A mural is an excellent way to quickly and easily create a stylish interior and transform a room. We sell a range of beautifully curated murals from floral designs, grand masters, forest scenes and even children's prints. Check out our range now, including the mural shown above called ‘classic italian landscape’ and take the plunge in creating the accent wall you always wanted.

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