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Overlooked Colours Designers Actually Love

Posted by Victoria Yardley on

Our very own Colour Expert Zoe was recently featured in The Spruce talking about overlooked colours and how to use them...

We’re predicting greens this year as the colours of 2022, with never-ending shades green creates a versatile canvas for layering your favourite soft furnishings in. We love combining greens with a warm neutrals and some earth tone decor. Novara Green No.81 pairs beautifully with Wild Honey No.40 and Oatmilk No.102, creating a more toned green space without taking over the whole room.

Novara Green Living Room Ceiling

 Novara Green No.81 on the ceiling of @harvey_home_eclectic

We can definitely see people moving away from the colder colour palettes and bringing in the warm neutrals in 2022. Colours like Skylark No.7 and Avalon No.9 can bring a warmth to a room without clashing with existing furniture; perfect for a new year freshen up with a dramatic change to how a room feels and only a subtle change in colour if moving from a colder neutral. 

As a designer, I’m always thinking ‘go on, go for the yellow’ - cue the cries of horror and images of sickly sweet vibrant yellow duck walls.  Hear me out, yellow is so versatile as a colour palette if you just have a play with it. You could go for mustard, gold, lemon, the palest sherbet colour, or even duck yellow if you wish. 

I truly see yellow as a potential neutral if that’s what you’re going for in your space. Wild Honey No.40, a delicate creamy toned yellow that pairs with almost any colour. I personally love it with the dark Rooster’s Blue No.82 or even the charcoal grey Cannonball No.55, it contrasts beautifully to create a balance between light and dark. Maybe try Wild Honey No.40 on the walls with Anaglypta Edwardian Panel wallpaper below, painted in Rooster’s Blue No.82.

Panelling below painted in Rooster’s Blue No.82 and wall painted in Wild Honey No.40.


For a while now I think people have been afraid to use colours that are bold and a true statement to a room. Choosing to instead, opt for more muted greys and whites thinking their home will be easier to sell at some point in the future or dreading that inevitable “that’s the colour you picked?!” from visitors. 

However, with the world being turned upside down these past few years, and more of us having to spend our time at home we think people are starting to realise how much they want to be in a space that’s perfect for them. Whether that’s having a delicate grey on the wall with some classic panelling or having a bright statement wallpaper with a stunning bright magenta to accompany. 

We’re true believers of letting your home reflect you; if you’ve always loved pink why not paint your room in Blusher No. 77 or 1969 No.69. Have you a beautiful cushion you’d love to base a room around? Let us colour match you the exact shade for your walls. You’re the one who lives here, let’s make it all about you - a home you can sit back in at the end of a long day and think yes, this is a bit of me. 

 Pink bathroom

Image above showing Blusher No.77 in a bathroom setting.

Divisive colours I think will always be those bright bold eye catchers. The Spiced Marmalade No.51, Pink Kiss No.49 or Dart Frog No.84, they’re definitely in the marmite category. 

Bold just works for some people, you see their eyes light up at a stunning electric blue as they think of all the wonderful things they could pair with it and for others the sense of dread at choosing something so bright. 

You could go for it. Grab that bright teal and accompany with some floral pink wallpaper, if it’s already bold what’s stopping you? We find these combinations work wonderfully in small spaces - you won’t make it look any smaller. Try a vibrant bathroom with some statement wallpaper or even a bright tile, letting people have a real wow moment at a space that’s often overlooked as the tiny downstairs loo. 

Bright pink wall

Above image showing Pink Kiss No.49

Or, start slow. If a whole room painted in a statement bright hue is too overwhelming, then don’t. Have a feature wall, use it as a starting point and work outwards to tone down the rest. There’s no reason to not choose a colour you love just because ‘it might be too bright’.  

The bright blue Dart Frog No.84 is lovely when contrasted with Victory White No.2 or the more creamy Manor White No.1. 

Alternatively, offset with another blue, Dart Frog No.84 with Serenity No.21 creates a more balanced appearance without as much contrasts as a white. 

Not everything has to match, just because you’ve got a bright blue on the walls does not mean everything else needs to be blue; furnish with pale greys or more natural woods. Always give us a call if you’re stuck for colour inspiration because we love a good natter about what to paint a wall and you deserve inclusive, quality paint with a caring, personalised service. 

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