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Small kitchen colour ideas

Posted by Victoria Yardley on

As with any small room, the most common way to create the illusion of space is by using white and neutral colours. When it comes to the kitchen, the same rule applies although there are some surprising small kitchen colour ideas that can transform your space without playing it too safe. If you are stuck in between paint colours, order a few of Victory Colours' A5 paint samples to avoid choosing the wrong shade. 

Neutral small kitchen colour ideas

When it comes to small spaces, many people like to opt for a light, neutral colour due to their ability to reflect light. When used in the kitchen, white can increase the sense of space but it can also create a clinical feel when over used. You can use it on your walls, ceilings or even the kitchen cabinets, the more of it used means the less boundaries and edges are there to limit the eye. 

Our favourite shade of white to use in the kitchen is ‘No.1 Manor White’. This beautiful shade of soft white paint produces a fresh, clean palette, perfect for ceilings and walls. Manor White has a tiny hint of yellow pigment because sometimes a brilliant white can be too harsh, especially in period properties. 

Bold small kitchen colour ideas

Although there is no denying the effectiveness of the colour white when it comes to opening up small spaces, there are some brighter and bolder colours that can have a similar effect. Two small kitchen colour ideas that are becoming increasingly popular are yellow and blue. 

If you decide to paint your kitchen yellow we recommend going all out with an intense colour like ‘No.42 Sunstar’ which is a zesty yellow with lots of personality. This yellow colour makes for the perfect accent wall. 

Blue on the other hand is a bit more versatile with deeper and darker blues to lighter shades. Our two favourite blue colours to use in a small kitchen are ‘No 26, 126 mph’ a rich blue grey, which is bold and timeless.

Unique small kitchen colour ideas

If you want to go above and beyond a simple splash of paint, we have some even more unique small kitchen colour ideas. Create a stylish interior quickly and easily with one of our beautifully curated wall murals.  We have a large selection of stunning murals to help you truly transform your kitchen space. 

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