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Non toxic paint: 7 reasons to change your wall paint

Posted by Victoria Yardley on

non toxic paint

You may or may not be aware that many household paints are toxic. We have put together this article to share the 7 reasons why we suggest changing to non toxic paint alternative. Just some examples of why we think you should switch are that: your typical wall paint can be bad for the environment, full of chemicals and nasty smells. Switching to a non toxic paint helps to minimise these issues.

7 reasons to change your wall paint to non toxic paint

It's Better For The Environment

First of all, non toxic wall paint as the name suggests is not toxic like your usual paints. Making it eco-friendly paint that doesn't harm the environment. Buying a toxic free or toxic minimal paint is a small change that can make a positive change to the environment. The toxins in paint come from the chemical compounds known as VOC.

It doesn't have nasty chemicals 

Typical wall paints are full of harmful chemicals called VOCs. This stands for Volatile organic compounds. These chemicals are what make paint toxic and can lead to some nasty side effects. The side effects include irritation especially for those with asthma or other sinusitis issues..

It doesn't smell

When you remove volatile organic compounds from the paint it becomes non toxic and also ultra low odour. VOCs are what produce that strong chemical smell from a fresh lick of paint. These nasty odours can often leave you feeling dizzy and nauseous. A toxic free paint will minimise these odours, thereby minimising the side effects.

Non toxic paint is safe for humans

After reducing the concentration of VOC materials, harsh chemicals and nasty odours the paint becomes much safer for humans. You may have previously assumed that wall paint is safe for humans, because after all our homes are covered in it. Unfortunately that is not the case. Normal paints that are not toxic free can emit chemicals into the atmosphere and your home for up to 5 years after the paint dries. That means you could be inadvertently inhaling similar fumes to those that come from cleaning products and even car exhausts. 

It can be vegan

Another element Victory Colours wanted to add to their brand is vegan paint. Not only are the paint products non toxic they are also free from animal cruelty. You may be surprised to know that so many regular paint brands use animal derived products in their paints. Even worse, some companies still test their products on animals. This goes completely against our personal beliefs. We wanted to ensure that not only are our products safe for the environment, but animals too. 

Non toxic paint is used by the royals

So, we have discussed all of the issues regarding wall paint and why we think you should change to a natural paint or toxic free paint alternative. But we also wanted to include some interesting information about famous faces who use non toxic paint. 

Recently in the limelight for their use of non toxic, vegan paint in their home is Megan Markle and Prince Harry. Infused with eucalyptus oil and painted throughout their home, the royal couple were keen to use a paint that's safe for animals and the environment. 

Its longer lasting

Ultimately toxic free paint can be more expensive than your average tin of paint. This is because it requires time to remove the nasty chemicals from paint. However, in the long run, our non toxic paints are more cost effective. This is because they last long, have high opacity and washable properties. This makes them family friendly and suitable for households with pets. More importantly this saves you money in the long run. Typical paints often require multiple coats and touch ups meaning more tins of paint will be needed, costing more. 


We hope that this article has helped you learn something new about paints and made you consider the benefits of switching to a non toxic paint for your home. If you do have any more questions please check out our other articles for more information. You can also contact us where one of our friendly team members will try to answer any queries you might have regarding our non toxic paint.

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