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Colour trends 2022

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Deciding what colour to paint a room in your home can be a difficult task. Not only do you have to find the right shade, you also have to plan your furniture and décor to match. Colours can resonate with people in different ways which is one of the reasons why people have such varied preferences when it comes to the colours used inside their home. Despite this, colour psychology and the colour wheel still play a significant role when it comes to colour trends. In this article we are going to explore the predicted colour trends 2022 from the paint experts.

Spring colour trends 2022 

colour trends 2022

Colour experts predict that brighter colours are set to make an impact in the home design space as we approach spring and as we move forward in a return to ‘normality’. One colour that is set to lead the colour trends 2022 for spring is yellow. This warm, bright colour makes a great accent wall or can even look great across all walls when paired with minimalist ornaments. The colour yellow is said to represent happiness, optimism and creativity.  You can read more about colour psychology in the home in one of our previous articles. Although yellow has a bright hue, it is mild enough to make a great choice of wall colour. If you like the shade of yellow shown in the image, you can buy it here: ‘Sunstar No.42’.

Summer colour trends 2022

colour trends 2022

As the seasons change, the colour trends 2022 for summer remain bright. Bold and light blues and greens are predicted to really take off this summer. We love this shade called ‘Wild Swimming No.100’ because it's unique, bold and dramatic whilst allowing the room to feel light and uplifted. This colour is highly pigmented and can work well in any room of the house making it super versatile. The colour was inspired by Lake Baikal and formulated to evoke feelings of relaxation, freshness and freedom.

Autumn colour trends 2022

As the leaves start to turn orange, red and brown, so do the colour trends 2022 for autumn. Featured here is the stunning shade ‘Urban Fox No.39’ which can be paired perfectly with wooden furniture and gold or silver touches. This particular shade was inspired by the beloved British fox and its rich colour evokes feelings of warmth and cosying up next to the fire as the nights begin to draw in. Although it's completely up to you which rooms you paint, we think this colour works best in bathrooms, studies and snugs.  

Winter colour trends 2022

One timeless colour that is set to trend towards the end of the year is navy blue. This dramatic shade is called ‘Roosters Blue No.82’ and captures the light and reflects the sun perfectly. At night this colour brings a starry night into the home- just what you need to bring the outside inside in those chilly winter nights when it's too cold to go outside. It works well with shades of white or a blush neutral. Whilst blue can be associated with coldness, this shade manages to create a feeling of warmth. What’s more, blue is said to represent calmness and peace which is sometimes what we all need around the busy Christmas period.  

Reflection of colour trends in 2021

2021 was the year of all things neutral, when it came to clothes hues of brown were in and when it came to interior décor everyone was loving greys, neutrals and olives. The colour trends 2022 are set to make quite a difference but we are happy to embrace it as we become more brave with our colour choices in the home. 

Victory Colours colour trends 2022

If you like the colours mentioned in this article or want to see more of the stunning range provided by Victory Colours, head over to our products page. We stock a range of colours and also offer a colour matching service if you can't quite find the colour you want in our collection. Here are some of the benefits of Victory Colours paint:

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  • Great opacity 

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