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Feather Moss No. 33

Victory Colours

  • £3495

Feather Moss is a tranquil and earthy green. It is a pleasing and natural hue making it a favourite for a kitchen or breakfast room. Feather Moss works excellently with either Victory White or Manor White.


    • Highest quality paints
    • Environmentally-friendly
    • Ultra low VOC content & solvent-free
    • Minimal splatter
    • Low odour
    • Water-based paints
    • Superb coverage
    • Highly durable and washable
    • Child & Pet Friendly


    Approx. 14m2 per litre or 35m2 per 2.5 litre tin (depending on roller type used and the porosity of the wall)

    Always read the information on the tin first before use. Check colour and finish are correct before starting with this application.  To avoid spilling store securely in an upright position.

    1. Stir all paints before use.
    2. Surfaces must be clean, dry and sound.  If not they should be sanded and appropriately prepared.  Bare plaster and other porous surfaces should be sealed by using a paint diluted using 25% additional water.
    3. Being a water-based product it is best to protect the opened wet paint from airborne and surface bacteria .  To avoid spoilage it is best to decant the paint into a paint tray or paint kettle and not to place the brush or roller directly into the paint tin, unless you intend to use it all at one time.  Also avoid putting unused paint back into the paint tin as this will introduce unwanted bacteria into the paint and potentially cause spoilage of the product.
    4. Victory Colours paint has great opacity so often only one coat will suffice.  Occasionally a second coat will be required to produce a flawless finish.
    5. The paint will be touch dry in 2 hours but we recommend waiting 4 hours to re-coat, ensuring that the surface is completely dry, under normal environmental conditions.
    6. We recommend a premium quality, medium pile roller and Eco Ezee paint brushes with a high bristle content for best results.
    7. Clean brushes and rollers with warm soapy water after use.

    We recommend the award winning Eco Ezee products for optimum utility for all your decorating needs.

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