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Eco Friendly Paint Collection

Victory Colours eco conscious paints have been formulated to produce tough, yet beautiful, water-based products. Our paints have great opacity, excellent coverage, and a little bit goes a long way.   They are durable, robust and have great wipe-ability properties making them ideal for use in high traffic areas. Smooth and easy to apply, giving a luxurious flat matt finish.  Our eco friendly paints have ultra low odour, with virtually no VOC’s, and toxins that can emit after drying.  

Oatmilk neutral eco paint living room image with bamboo sofa in a cream room

Colour Matching Service If we do not have the colours you are looking for we can match our paint to any sample or colour reference. Click here for Colour Matching Service.

Eco Sample Panels are available to order online, these A5 hand painted samples are eco friendly and portable.  Please see the Sample Panels Menu located with the paint colours, simply choose the colours you require, and we will post them to you within 24 hours.