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Eco Conscious Paint Technology

Paint technology has been evolving at a furious pace driven by consumer desires and new legislations. Here at Victory Colours, we are fully embracing that change and our formulation rigorously espouses all the desires and features of a modern water-based, virtually VOC-free emulsion.

What then are VOC’s? VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds are materials which evaporate readily from commonly occurring sources such as vehicle exhausts, cleaning agents, furniture polish and fabric softeners. These also include solvents used in paints, as well as thinners and brush cleaners. In the presence of sunlight, these VOCs can react with nitrogen oxides to create ground level ozone and photochemical smogs. These in turn can contribute to pollution of the atmosphere. Here at Victory Colours we have developed a virtually VOC-free paint which is kind to the atmosphere, to decorators and to the people using our beautiful paints.

If you wish to investigate VOCs further please at link for VOCs on the British Coatings Foundations Website look

Our paints are also truly vegan and do not contain any animal products such as casein, nor have they been tested on animals.

Victory Colours paints are free of a whole host of unpleasant toxins including - solvents, VOCs and phthalates, formaldehyde, alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO), and heavy metals, amongst other things.

We, at Victory Colours, have sought to create an overall better water-based paint than any other emulsion currently on the market. We wanted to develop a technically superior paint using the best ingredients available but still remaining affordable. The paint we wanted was to be: wipeable & scuff resistant; environmentally friendly; easy to apply; low odour; with maximum opacity and viscosity.  

We met these requirements, and more, to produce a premium quality eco conscious emulsion that applies evenly and with such a good opacity that a little paint goes a long way. This has the added economical benefit for the decorator as less paint is ultimately required to paint a room.

Victory Colours did not compromise is any aspect of formulating this paint. Our scientists worked, tested and re-worked a formula for over 5 years until we achieved our desired results. In November of 2015 Victory Colours was born, now we have an extensive vegan paint and eco friendly paint range and we can't wait for you to try it and see the amazing results!