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Bedroom Colour Combinations

Posted by Victoria Yardley on

The bedroom is that one room in the house that many of us see as our sanctuary, a personal space to escape, relax and unwind. This means that having a bedroom decorated to suit your taste is important, but sometimes it can be hard to come up with the right colour combinations. Sometimes it can be hard to make a decision between paint colours, that is why we have pre painted paint samples made to order. We have put together a list of some of our favourite bedroom colour combinations to give you some inspiration to help create the bedroom you have always dreamed of.

Boho bedroom colour combinations

Bedroom colour combinations


One bedroom theme that is growing in popularity is ‘boho’ which is a décor style that evokes life, culture and individuality. The bohemian aesthetic embraces creativity but also tends to have similarities when it comes to colours. Typically boho bedroom colour combinations are warm and earthy, think deep browns and golden oranges. When these colours are painted onto exciting textures such as anaglypta wallpaper they can make a space seem truly exciting and unique. Three Victory Colours paints that work well together in the bedroom are:

Bachelor bedroom colour combinations

If you are looking to create a masculine feel to your bedroom, colour provides you with an excellent opportunity to do just that. Two bedroom colour combinations for a bachelor style pad are grey and green combined together or Navy and Cream. These colours work well together because they look clean, bold and simple. Victory Colours stock a wide range of colours including the perfect shades for the dream bachelor pad bedroom.


Feminine bedroom colour combinations

Often regarded as feminine is the colour pink which has a hard time proving itself as a serious contender when it comes to decorating the home. Despite this, we love pink and think it is a super funky and versatile colour to use in the home. If you want to create a funky, feminine bedroom, we have some great shades available. Here are some of our favourite feminine bedroom colour combinations:


Biophilic bedroom colour combinations

In recent years, biophilic interior design has become increasingly popular. This style is all about embracing nature and bringing the outside inside. This is done using natural daylight, natural colour schemes and most importantly, lots of houseplants. If you want to create a biophilic bedroom, we have some colour combinations that will help you achieve that look.

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