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Wallrock Fireliner | 100cm x 20m

Victory Colours

  • £3495

Wallrock Fireliner | 100cm x 20m

Wallrock Fireliner is the ultimate fire resistant lining paper that helps protect vulnerable surfaces from fire.

Wallrock Fireliner is a Fire-Resistant Lining Paper  that has been specially developed to help protect your home and your family in the event of a fire. The wallpaper works because the Fireliner contains a fire retardant. This then helps to protect potentially flammable surfaces, and offers valuable extra time in evacuating your home in the event of a fire. This scientifically advanced technical lining paper achieves everything an ordinary lining paper does with its own unique benefits.. The Wallrock fireliner offers an extraordinary bonus of being actively fire resistant, protecting surfaces from fire for longer.

Watch this video to see for yourself just how effective the Wallrock Fireliner is.

What is the Wallrock Fireliner made from?

This wallpaper is uniquely made using paper from sustainable forest sources. This helps the lining paper to create a smooth, professional base for paint or decorative wallpaper whilst also improving fire safety.

Wallrock Fireliner is a 'Class Zero' fire rated liner (tested to BS476) containing fire retardant. Moreover, the wallpaper is engineered within the product are other class leading Wallrock features making it strong, durable and importantly- easy to hang. All of these amazing features were developed using the best technology which helps to improve old and tired walls in need of some rejuvenation.  

Adhesive Per Roll:

4kg per 20m2 Roll

As a rule of thumb 1kgs of mixed adhesive is required for each standard roll of lining paper. 

Coverage 100cm x 20m | 20m2

Recommended Adhesive

Wallrock Fireliner Adhesive


Paper | non woven | contains zero PVC | Contains fire retardant.
Finish  Smooth
Application: Paste-the-paper or Paste-the-wall
Thickness: 0.31mm
Pattern Repeat:   Free match
Fire Rating Fire rated Class 0



  • Helps protect flammable surfaces in the event of fire

  • Fire rated Class zero (Class '0' is the ultimate rating in wallpaper classification for reaction to fire).

  • Very strong, reinforced lining for covering surfaces quickly and easily

  • Enables you to paste the wall or the paper

  • Breathable for your walls

  • Contains no PVC

  • Uses paper from well managed sources

Generally, 4kgs of adhesive is required of Wallrock Fireliner Adhesive to hang this paper.

Before hanging please always check that each roll of Wallrock Fireliner is undamaged.

  1. Cut all lengths required allowing extra for trim at each end, or simply hang directly from the roll onto a prepasted wall or ceiling. Apply the inner surface to the wall. Please note Wallrock Fireliner can also be hung horizontally, especially useful if you intend to overhang with a decorative wallpaper.
  2. Mark a guideline with a pencil for the first length, using a plumbline as a guide for vertical drops or a spirit level for horizontal application.
  3. If applying the adhesive direct to the wall or ceilings, apply enough to hang one or two lengths at a time, ensuring the paste exceeds the width of the second length. If pasting the material (either side) make sure all edges are covered. With both methods, hang Wallrock Fireliner immediately - no soaking is required.
  4. Apply the first length along the guideline and smooth out with a wallpaper brush then trim the ends.
  5. Butt join all subsequent lengths being careful not to overlap the edges.
  6. Allow Wallrock to dry thoroughly before decorating with emulsion paint or overhanging with another wallcovering (normally 24 hours is sufficient).

Wallrock Fireliner is also ‘dry strippable’ in many applications.  


Shipping Rates for Wallrock Fireliner:

  • £0 - £50 is £7.50
  • £50.01 - £100 is £3.95
  • £100.01 + is FREE

Standard UK areas exclude Highlands of Scotland, Offshore Islands of Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Eire. We can still deliver to non-standard areas but it may take a little longer and be more expensive.

If you have any queries please contact the sales office on 01258 841310

Specified Delivery Costs

If you require specified delivery times the prices are as follows:

  • before 1200hrs - £13.95
  • before 1000hrs - £19.95

Saturday Delivery - UK Mainland Only

Saturday delivery will incur an extra cost.  Please place any order you require to be delivered on Saturday before 12:00 on Friday.

  • Delivery costs on orders below £100 - £24.50
  • Delivery costs on orders over £100 - £15.50

    Your requirements

    1. What are the dimensions of the room / areas that you want to cover in metres?
    2. What are the dimensions of the windows / areas that you don't want to cover in metres?
    3. How many doors in the room?

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