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Wallrock Multipurpose PVA Primer & Sealer

Anaglypta Multipurpose Primer / Sealer | 2.5kgs

Victory Colours

  • £1195

Anaglypta Multipurpose Primer / Sealer | 2.5kgs

The Anaglypta Multi-purpose Sealer & Primer has been specially developed to make decorating a breeze. The formula of Victory Colours primer and sealer is technologically advanced to promote adhesion. This gives our primer and sealer a sound, long-lasting finish to your redecoration efforts.

Victory Colours primer and sealer can be used on a range of surfaces such as:

  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Plaster
  • Paint

The purpose of using a primer and sealer is to improve the adhesion of paint, murals and wallpaper. If you don't use a high quality primer and sealer you are more likely to experience cracks in paint and in wallpaper; splits, raised edges and bubbling. 

Victory Colours primer and sealer creates a lasting finish that looks smooth and professional. This anaglypta multipurpose sealer and primer offers you the helping hand you need for DIY.


  • Primer | Improves adhesion onto porous surfaces, e.g. bare plaster, timber, drywall, absorbent wall-linings etc.
  • Sealer | Promotes the adhesion of wallcoverings and emulsion paints, reduces seam splits, raised edges and bubbling of wallcoverings.
  • Dustproofer | Wallrock Multipurpose Sealer & Primer is highly effective for interior use and dry surface conditions. For exterior or wet conditions, a speciality bonding agent is recommended.
  • Fresh Plaster | A newly plastered or concrete wall will naturally have a surface that will remain dusty until sealed, Wallrock Multipurpose Sealer & Primer is an excellent product to seal these types of surface. 
    1. Surfaces should be sound, dry, clean and free from dust or loose material.
    2. Wallrock Multipurpose Sealer & Primer can be applied by brush or roller.
    3. If used diluted, a brush is preferred - please be careful of splashes and drips, ensure that surfaces and surrounding areas are covered to avoid damage.
    4. For use as a sealer, primer or dust-proofer, we recommend a dilution of one part Sealer Primer to 3 parts water - ensure an even mixture is obtained before application.

    The Anaglypta Multipurpose Primer & Sealer works well with any of our Wallrock Range, Victory Colours Eco Friendly Paints, or Wallpapers.


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